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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm having a GIRL!

Meet Evanny, named after her granmother Eva. She's still chillin inside the womb, getting all sorts of gorgeous, getting some meat and fat on her tiny lil bones.  The doctors and radiologist say she's going to be one hell of a "traviesa" as she is always kicking, jumping, and playing hiding seek.  She gave her radiologist such a hard time ths past Friday when she needed to take shots of her kidneys to make sure everything was comeing together great but Nooo...Evanny had other plans. She kept hiding, turning, twisting, and jumping about her play place and kept teasing the radiologist.  Just when the radiologist thought she had Evanny in place for a shot, Evanny decided maybe she would give her a run for her money and decided to move about some more.  Finally, after about a 1/2 hour, the ultrasound was over and we had to say "hasta luego" to Evanny.  I start feeling flutters in my lower abdomen and at first I was confused and wasn't sure if it was Evanny or not, but now I know she's in there, reminding me of her precense everyday.  I love her so much already and can't wait to meet her.  I was once very confused and scared at her arrival in my body, but now I'm glad she's come to turn my life around and fill me with so much love and joy.  I'm so happy to be expecting a little angel and I can't wait to meet her in July if god permits!  Te quiero mucho Evanny! Mommy and Daddy love you so much, and your Grandma too!

Made my First Baby Bow

Supplies Used:
Peaches & Creme Striped Yarn in 4 Ply 100% Cotton - Worsted Weight
Size "G" Crochet Hook (4.25mm)
1/8" Celebrate It Shimmer Ribbon
1 Single Prong Alligator Clip

I've been getting all sorts of creative now that I know I'm expecting a baby girl! I been getting crafty and been into making her a blanky, some bows, and all kinds of other ideas in mind.  Today I made her this cute lil crochet bow with the help of bobwilson123 and by watching her video on Youtube on How to Crochet a Bow

To glam it up a bit, I added 1/8" shimmering ribbon to the center of the bow.


Lastly, I inserted a single prong alligator clip to the back of the bow.

I made a few others and messed with the different size gauges on the hooks.  I found that the size "G" worked best as it kept everything taught and neat.  I used a size "J" hook and although it was a tad bigger, I felt it looked more loose, I think the "J" hook will work just as good, but with a different yarn material that isn't cotton.