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Friday, July 30, 2010

It's my party and I cry if I want to

So I'm sitting here watching a video on YT. 5 Things I didn't Know about JMoon715, when suddenly Liz comes out of my room with a candle on a cupcake signing "Happy Birthday." I swear I thought she was talking to her little lover boy and this whole time the bitch (yes we call each other bitches, it's a luv thing) was putting this together behind my back lol. I wasn't expecting this AT all and she gave me one of the best surprises ever and I broke down into tears, ok well I didn't break down oKay, but the bitch brought tears to my eyes lol I can't help but say she truly knows me. Chubb's knows I'm a fiend for Ice Cream and tell me this isn't the best b-day cake ever?! I dont know about you, but to me, this means more than a big fat cake, or a party, or a bottle of tequila...it's may be small and insignificant to some but to me, this is beautiful and sincere. It comes from the heart and the bitch looooooves to see my soft side cuz it's rare I breakdown like this lol so when I see her ass smirking at me, I'll be like "fuck u bitch" and we'll start cracking up lol.  Chubby is truly one of a kind, and I'm blessed to call that little short shit my bestfriend.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

House Of Dreams

Ever since I could remember, my sister always said I should get into modeling. Plus size modeling that is. I never listened to her or paid attention. I always took it as a compliment but never imagined it could possibly happen. Today, I continue hearing from poeple I should get into modeling. I never imagined or even dreamed of it being possible or ever thought I could be a model or get into modeling. My sister say's the camera loves me and that I'm very photogenic and I do love taking pictures but never in my wildest dreams did I try to pursue modeling.

As you all know, I love shopping at Torrid and I've known about the House Of Dreams Modeling search for some time now but  never ever entered. Well Never reached it's end. Today I submitted my application and we will see what happens.

I don't know if I over did it. They requested one 8x10 photo and I submitted one of the day I went clubbing with Liz because I felt was the best that emphasized my plus size figure and it was one of the best body shots I had and I scribbled all over the back of the picture for them to take a moment to check out the blog and maybe scope out some pictures. I even went as far as posting my Youtube channel and hope they take a few minutes to check me out and maybe see my personality and maybe even better my chances of winning or at least being picked as a finalist.

So I will continue praying, wishing, and hoping that this happens for me. It would truly be a blessing and I'd forever be greatful for such an amazing opportunity. I finally went ahead and took a step forward and plan on continuing my pursuit of trying to enter the modeling industry. 

So many of my viewers have encouraged me and have left me such wonderful feedback and have motivated me to pursue the modeling gig becuase they beleeive I would be a great role model and that is what counts and that is why I would pursue modeling to continue doing what I do on Youtube and that is to inspire and motivate and help my big beautiful women into loving themselves, embracing their bodies, and loving their curves. There is not excuse, no matter what size you are to not look fashionable. Dress to impress, even if it's your own reflection you impress, that's the one that matters most. Dress for you.

Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vegan Makeup! Seriously!!!

Okay, as much as I am all for protecting the environment and against animal cruelty, now they're doing Vegan makeup?? Seriuosly, what's next? Ur gonna recycle your shit and make something out of it?? This is becoming insane. It's crazy how even with the economy as bad as it is, poeple find ways to squeeze the dollars out of your pocket by advertising such things as Vegan makeup! Now as I've mentioned, I'm all for companies and makeup lines that do not test on animals...that is awesome (btw, did you know that Loreal tests their products on rabbits??) Dont use Loreal products!!

Now onto the Vegan part...I have to say that this advertisement is quite contradicting because they say the palette is totally vegan, yet only 60% of them are vegan made. See what I mean...for those that just read and assume and beleive all they read, this is very misleading to those that dont bother reading it logincally.

Totally vegan is not  the same as100% vegan, but of course Urban Decay will be a lot more successfull at selling these products to all the vegan lovers if they say it's Totally Vegan as opposed to just saying 60% vegan because you dont want 60% of anything when spending money, unless it's a 60% off sale or something! lol But anyway...what are your thoughts in regards to the Vegan makeup movement?? I'm sure there are gonna be tons more to see and a lot more "green" makeup.

Monday, July 26, 2010

They're Back!! BOOTS Galore!

One thing I love about the summer is seeing the transition from Summer to Fall. Fall is defintely one of my favorite seasons. I love watching the leaves go dry, transition from green to orange, yellow, burgundy and all these beautiful colors. I love the wind, the breeze, and the cool weather. Most of all, I love wearing Boots! And here are some of my favorites.

Now these Regan Over-the-knee boots look pretty hot. I'd defintely rock these over some leggins or jeggins or even some skinny jeans. These boots are perfect for raindy days when you dont have to worry about getting your flats wet, your heels, or just your feet in general. They look very comfortable and casual as well. The heel will provide a comfort fit and wont get your feet as tired as they normally would with a regular flat boot. The faux-leather makes them easy to clean when they get dirty and wet and water wont seep in as easily as it would with faux-suede, and the slip resistant sole is even better because you dont want to be looking all fine and sexy and all of a sudden you trip over a puddle and there you go looking a hot mess! I also enjoy the studded buckle strap at the bottom of the boot it adds edgyness to it and the side zip entry, makes it easy to slip into. And as you all know, I'm defintely  not paying $70 dollars for these babies! I'd defintely find something dam close or wait for a bargain on these babies!

These cute boots from Rue21 are also great for the fall/winter months. The color is very neutral making it easy to pair up with just about anything. THis boot is also great for the summer because it's short and you can pair it up with shorts or skirts and even leggings/jeggins. Faux-leather makes it easy to clean and the buckles add cute detailing. They are very flat, however, it appears as though they do have a very slight heel. The only thing I dislike about Rue21 is they do not provide descriptions for their shoes, unless I'm doing something wrong...other than that, you pretty much have to make out what the boot will be like just by looking at it. A descriptioin on the site would be nice though, you can get an idea of the material it's made of and other details that are important to know and can help in the decision making process of whether or not purchase an item like this.

These boots are super cute! I really like the round toe and the wooden heel. I also like the moto edgyness it has to it and I'd love to wear these to school. They are defintely cute and again, the faux leather makes them super easy to clean up and care for and doesn't allow water to seep in on those rainy days. The heel is super cute and you can easily use these for a night out as well and defintely go casual in these as well.

Here are some others from WetSeal I really enjoyed and thought were super cute!
I went over to Forever21 and found these adorable ankle booties. Defintely a style you can use year-round (at least I would) and pretty affordable!
Tabitha Ankle Boots $23.80

Now these on the other hand, I'm not quite sure how I feel. Oopen toe boots for the fall/winter doesn't seem so appealing to me. You're feet are one of the most sensitive parts of your body and heat escapes the body quite easily hear so the point during the fall/winter time is to keep yourself warm and cozy and open toe boots seem fancy and cute but I dont want to be freezing my toes off during this season. Aside from that, think about those rainy days/nights when you wanna look cute yet want to keep dry and let alone avoid getting sick.  Open toe boots are defintely not my favorite, at least not for the fall/winter season. What do you think? What are your thoughts? Would you rock these boots during the fall/winter months?

Friday, July 23, 2010


After a few of my viewers suggested that I get into modeling,  hearing my sister tell me I should get into modeling for the past....ohhhh let's say...14 years of my life...I've finally made the step and just went for it. Now I'm not going to lie and say it's never crossed my mind. Obviously, each time my sister suggested it, I'd just smile at the idea but never took it serious because I didn't really think models existed for my size.  Whether I win or not is a different story but at least I can say I tried it, and I went for it and I'll never have to look back and say "what if". IT's all different now and since I'm so into my channel and tryng to motivate other women to break out of their shell and dress up and be more confident I figured why not.  Modeling has definitely been a dream but it was something I never pursued or actually thought I could be good enough for but after all the love and support I have received I decided why not give it a shot and just give it my 100%. Besides, it' would be so much nicer having someone take your pictures other than yourself! that's what I'd really love! lol If you havn't noticed already, I LOVE taking pictures :)

I hope I can inspire my fellow viewers to enter the competition with me too :)

So we'll see how this go.  If you're interested in voting for me, please follow the link and vote for me here.


Only one vote per IP address per day is allowed, so if you wish to vote for me, that would be great :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


So here are some pictures of the jeggins with different tops. Hope you enjoyed the video xoxo

TORRID - Clerance Sale

Hello My lovlies,

So as I have mentioned in my YT videos, I am a major bargain shopper and right now Torrid is having a sale of 50% off already marked down clearance items, so you're saving upto 85%!! That means that you're only paying $1.50 for a 10 dollar item if my math is correct! (I was never a math expert) lol tELL ME THAT ISN'T A STEAL!? I already got some goodies! Hope you can find something too!!

So take advantage of this sale and find yourself some hot trends!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fall Trends from Torrid

Torrid has given their shoppers a sneak peak into their fall trends and here are some items I fell in love with.
Torrid Denim - Light Wash Cherokee Skinny Jean

Grey Feather Dolman Tee

White Owl Textured-Knit Tee

Grey Heart Pointelle-Knit Cardigan

 Leaf-Print Zip-Front Tube Top

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Inspired By Audrey

Today Audrey (truchamp06) from Youtube posted a video where she showed us her safe haven. A place where she loves to go and get some piece of mind and relax.
It reminded me of the times where I found myself so frustrated, the only place I knew to get away to was the ocean.  I love going out to the ocean before the sun sets and walk through the sand, breath the air, and most of all listen. Listen to the waves crash down, to the ocean water fuzzing up on the sand as the water disolves and the water retracts back into the ocean. I love sitting on a high hill of sand and just staring out into the ocean. It's so calm and relaxing and that's all that I think of. I think of being a fish in that sea, or a blu ray coasting through the water where it's so calm and relaxing and stress free. Then I think, as calm as the ocean may seem and be, it's quite trecherous and dangerous as well but so is the world we live today. I love the ocean, it's truly paradise in front of you. If you have an ocean near you, go visit and just relax and let the moment take you. Breath, smell, feel the breeze on your skin and just take it in with you. I find this very calming and relaxing; maybe even therapeutic. I always feel as though a weight has lifted off my shoulders and I can breath again.

Anyway, this is just a small clip of what I saw the last time I was there.

Blogger chops off half the screen so click on the link for an expanded view:

From Kicks to Heels

It's very late and I dont have much time but I will defintely come back in the morning and update and complete this post. In the mean time, I will leave you with photos. I totally forgot to take pictures with my regular outfit with my kicks on..so I'll defintely have to take some and post them here or take some stills from my videos...

In the mean time...here are some pictures

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pretty Casual Monday

Today's outfit of the day is pretty basic and casual. Perfect for my kind of work environment.  I've actually taken these pictures in the office lol and decided to share my lovely view. Today it's been such a beautiful day and I always keep my office lights off. 1. To help save energy and 2. I get all the natural light I possibly need! =) So I decided to share my lovely scenery with you all, and becuase I had some down time I decided to take some pics...battery was dying so I couldn't get the image I was looking for but this will do for now.

When I'm having a rough day, or when I just need to take a breather and relax, I like to open the window and just let the breeze come in and feel the fresh air blow through my hair and sweep my face. I love listenting to the sound of the wind gushing through the trees and the vinyards.  Sometimes I'll be sitting at my desk and suddenly I notice movement off my periphreal vision and I look out into the vinyards and I'll see jack rabbits running through the vinyards. It's truly an amazing feeling. I also enjoy taking walks on my breaks and get that fresh air and it also helps me stay active since I spend most of my day sitting on my behind :).

This one's a bit blurry, but I liked how it casted my profile against the light

Now...onto the OOTD. As I've mentioned in my videos. I work at a winery and I have my own office upstairs and am not required to go into the cellar or barrel warehouse much but I do so when I have to set up wine tastings. Next time I do one, Ill make sure to share with you all. My position doesn't require me to dress up at all! AT ALL and as much as I love not having to get all dolled up, I do miss dressing up for work sometimes. Everyone around here wears jeans and t-shirts. I dont over do it much because it's kind of awkward and well why do something when you just dont have to? lol. I love not having to dress up or having to worry about my outfit, and shoes, and makeup during the week. That's why I enjoy getting creative, going all out, and wearing heels on my days off. It's a perfect combination for me. The best perk is I get to sleep in a little more =)

So today, I wore some blue jeans, some black flat's, and an orange tunic salmon colored top. pretty basic and casual. I didn't really wear accessories because, well...I just didn't feel like it to be honest lol.

 I bought this top at Torrid. It's a coral top, see through, very light weight. Button closure on the front and has polka dots througout the top.  As you can see, the button closure has some ruffled detailing and the shoulders have some pleading that goes down past the bust into the lower half of the top. The sleeves are short and have some pleading on the upper shoulder only and it almost carries down and puffs up the sleeve a bit which I thought was cute and made the top a bit trendy as opposed to very plain and basic. I had to wear a tank underneath because as mentioned earlier, the top is very  light weight and semi-see through. The tunic is very  flowy and has a sash tie you can adjust on the back.
And as you might notice, the sleeves also have some button tabs on them which help cap the sleeve.

I really enjoy wearing loose tops like this to work because they are very comfortable, loose, and they conceal my problem areas.  I must admit, one of the downsides to wearing tunics like this is that they can make you appear pregnant or bigger than you really are.  I dont really  mind to much because I rather look prego or bigger than my actual size as oppossed to looking a bit too "sexy" or provocative at work.  As you might notice, I'm quite the curvy girl and so wearing clothes that is a bit more fitted or tight may not be as appropriate for my workplace than other places.

The jeans I wore today have some really cute heart shaped pockets and this was the first time I wore these to work.  I hesitated wearing these to work for so long because I didn't want to give off the wrong message or make ppl think or even give them a reason to look at my behind.  I'm very conservative when it comes to work and I just like to be presentable and not look provacative. The top helps conceal the heart pockets making me feel a bit more comfortable wearing these jeans.

And here is a picture of my complete outfit.

I didn't have time to take a picture of the blusher palette I have, but I did find an old video from last year where I talk about the palette and so I took a still from the video. The blush I'm pointing at is the one I used for this outfit. I'll update this post with all products used and I'll include pictures of the  makeup used too =) For now, here's this picture

Thursday, July 8, 2010

What Time Is It?

The maintenance manager just came to my office and asked me to tell him the time and instictively I grabbed my phone and read him the time. His response: "exactly". I said "why, what's up?". He then told me his wife just got out of a seminar and one of the discussions was how the younger generations today don't use wrist watches.

I can't help but agree, most women my age that I know dont wear watches because we can get the time off our phone right? Some poeple may not even know how to tell time off a watch, as sad as it may seem. I always had trouble reading time, and always preferred digital. However, watches today have become so trendy and fabulous that it would be awkward if they were digital (although their are some pretty fancy digital watches).

Anyhow, just thought I'd share that. Do you regularly wear a watch?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Not So Girly

Today's OOTD is very laid back and casual strait up dressed down with my kicks on =) I was asked to do a dressed down OOTD with sneakers or tennis so this is it.  On a regular day (Mon-Thursday) I'll normally dress this way, and I'll switch up the shoes and wear tennis or flats (can't wear sandals to work) technically, I'm supposed to work a "work" shoe for work but I keep a pair of work shoes in my office incase I need to go into the winery and set up a tasting in a barrel room or something.

Today I wore one of my favorite tops. It has "Maneater" in big bold letters across the chest with a big heart and a lion in the middle. Me bieng a feline lover, anything with a cat, lion or tiger I will get! I layered the top with a white tank underneath again, to conceal my mid section. I paird the top with some blue boot cut jeans and my white converse shoes.

When wearing dressed down outfits like this, I enjoy going heavy on the makeup.

Makeup Used:
Eyes: Kat Von D Pallet - Metal Orchestra (All 4 blue colors and black)
MUFE - Aqualine Eyeliner in Navy
NYX - Glitter in Blue
False Eyelashes (Cut in half and used on outter eyes only)
Immodest Mattene Lipstick
Raspberry Serbet Lipgloss from Bath&Body Works
MAC Blush

Now, on the pictures below you can see the difference layering can make to my body.  Above, my mid section is not very noticeable and you could say it is nicely concealed and my curves are more emphasized. However, down below you can see the top looks a lot more fitted, and my mid section is very much exposed and not concealed at all. It actually stands out a lot! (not good).  SO YES the look on my face describes how I feel about not layering! it's SERIOUS. lol. 
Love handles are not strikingly sticking out and i look more lean and "toned" or "fit" as opposed to my guy just sticking out to say Hi to the world =) lol 

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July Outfit

My 4th of July outfit consists of a Romper I purchased at Goodwill about a week ago for 5 bucks! It's in tip top condition, but unfortunately it fits too tight on the lower bottom. I said I wouldn't wear the romper till I fit into it.  Since I really like how the top of the romper fit, I chose to use some romper shorts I got from Torrid (which were on clearance) and added a red belt to emphasize my waise and allow the romper to flow freely and piece the whole outfit together.

I paired up my outfit with some red  peep toe heels by guess which also had a small cute buckle.

I didn't want to go crazy or bold on the makeup so I simply added blue eyeliner on the upper lids, glitter on the lids, and glitter liner on the lower lid. I really went bold and intense on the lips and wore "red" lipstick from Hot Topic and a gloss above that to add some shine and make them look luscious lol =)

Yes, I have [[Cellulite]] Get over it =]

[[If it doesn't bother me, it sure as hell shouldn't bother you]]

As you all may know, I love taking pictures! What girl doesn't! Ok...let me take that back. I do know of lots of women who refuse to take pictures simply because they do not feel good about themselves. Let me just say something...Why let time go by and not ever capture a moment of yourself to reflect upon later in life? No woman should ever feel the need not to get pretty or dressed up, even if you have nothing to do or anywhere to go! There is absolutely no excuse why you shouldn't get up in the morning, do your hair and makeup and even dress up a bit even if your a stay at home mom, a college student, HS student, or a person with many children and more than one job! There is no excuse why you cant have a mirror in your purse, some lipstick and mascara, or just even blush will brighten up your face and make you feel and look a lot more alive and happy.  I know many women have self esteem issues, I have some of my own but I don't let that get in the way of me dressing up and looking and feeling pretty.

I have to say that each of my outfits always brings a different mood and energy. Today's outfit was definitely very fun, flirty, cute, sexy even and that's exactly how I felt through out the day.  My moods and the way I feel truly comes through in my pictures.  I didn't even want to get out of my outfit today! I absolutely loved what I did with this outfit today and can definitely say it's going to become one of my favorites.

With this said, I just want to let anyone with self esteem issues, or body image issues know that there is no excuse for a woman or girl not dress up and look cute, sexy, or attractive.  Don't dress up for others or for the world, dress up for you. Dress up in what makes YOU feel good and attractive and CONFIDENT. Be creative within your own parameters and don't be afraid to step outside of the box and try new things. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how gorgeous you look because it's going to take you to convice yourself because nobody can ever do it for you. Find clothes that accentuate your assets and hide those not so favorite places on your body; but dress for your body and what makes you feel comfortable. Remind yourself how hot, pretty, cute, gorgeous, lovely, and sexy you look each time you look in the mirror and you will slowly but surely convince yourself of it.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I went to a "Quince"

Today, well technically yesterday (Saturday) I went to a "Quince" with my co-worker.  I have to say by the time I took these pictures I was really tired. I have been pulling "all-nighters" since Thursday night. I had a 5 day weekend from work so I definitely wanted to make them worthwhile! I have the summer off from school and this mini-vacation is definitely great, but today it's finally taking a toll on me. It's 3am and here I am still wide awake! I should be sleeping! lol.

This was my outfit for the evening. I wore a white burn out top I purchased at Ross for 6 dollars. I am wearing a black tank underneath, and threw a vest I got from Torrid for about 14 dollars I believe (can't clearly remember). I'm wearing some gladiator heals I purchased at Torrid, also for 15 dollars sometime last year on Clearance =)

I decided to use a more fitted top because the vest helps hide my problem areas (backrolls and yes I do have love handles) and layering a tank underneath helps in emphasizing the top and bringing the vest together as well.  I didn't like how the top looked with the tank tucked in so I left it out. Plus I enjoy wearing long tanks underneath when I wear fitted tops to help conceal my tummy when wearing very snug jeans like the ones I have on today.  Here are a few other pics to show you the difference and what I mean...you tell me...what do you think? How do you prefer wearing your fitted tops?

As you can see in the picture above (did I mention I was tired...lol) the top is very fitted and I wouldn't feel all that comfortable walking around with this top alone unless it was a size bigger. Because the top is fitted, the vest really helps hide my problem areas as mentioned above and the tank underneath helps a whole deal hiding that love handle (yup its' there...but it's very well concealed). Layering can really help hide, conceal, or make your love handles less noticeable as opposed to just wearing a top alone (see picture below) Big difference huh?  Notice how my love handles are more noticeable and stand out more  and making me look less flattering. (I still have the tank top on, just tucked it underneath).

So layering it up is defintely the way to go for me. Again, you can see how my figure becomes more flattering and my problem areas are nicely concealed and the whole outfit looks a whole lot better!