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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vacation Planning: Puerto Rico

So as some of you may or may not be aware, my trip to Puerto Rico is only 13 days away! I plan on making this trip memorable and will try to capture as much of the trip possible. 

I will be leaving with a group of friends and we all decided a weekly apartment rental for our stay there was the easiest and most economical way to go.  At first, we were going to get an apartment with the ocean view (pictured above) because it was only four girls going. Before finalizing and making a deposit two more girls decided to come along and therefore we needed a bigger place so we opted towards a bigger apartment around the corner from the first. 

The apartment is a whole lot bigger than the first choice and it's even cheaper for us with more girls coming along. Although we no longer have the beach view the beach is walking distance if any one of us decides to go relax in the sand. Besides, who's gonna be staring out the window anyway? I just hope the weather is nice enought to want to even go near the water!

Here's a collage  of our lovely apartment. I hope it looks this good when we get there! For now, I can say I'm already loving our 2nd chocie of an apartment better!

The setting reminds me of reality tv, 6 girls arriving at some location in a furnished home/apartment and live life like they know how! I have a feeling most of will be passed out all over the place lol.

I can't wait!!!!

Hello Stranger

Well Hello Hello!

A full week has passed since my last post. So much has happened since last wednesday when I felt at another low point in my life over some stupid boy...or maybe it wasn't the boy that was the problem it was me for allowing the idiot to ruin my days. The good thing is that I've put an ultimate end to that and since the guy knows how to be polite and respectful I've asked him to stay out of my life for good! And it's been good, and I'm so much better now and refuse and will not fall back into that mess again!

Anyway, a whole lot has been going on since last Wednesday. I had a four day weekend from work and did a whole lot of shopping! 

First I placed an order online with Torrid since they were having a really good sale and my package finally came in yesterday after what seem to take forever. I wasn't as fortunate as some you girls, whom I wont mention any names Liz or Crystal who happen to live around the corner from Torrid HQ lol oops, did I just mention names? It slipped lol

I ripped open my package last night and my mom was laying on the couch saying "que ordenaste ahora!" as if I hadn't already purchased enough over the weekend. I then told her "pero madre, eran unas ofertas buenisimas, tenia que aprovechar"  translation: "but mother, there was an awesome sale! I just had to take advantage!"  to  which she responds by saying "overas, es lo que me cuentas"  translation: "yea yea that's what you tell me"  lol I do have to admit I am guilty of giving her a white lie here and there when I've purchased things before but for the most part, everything I buy is always a good deal!

Anyway, my mother and I went shopping on Sunday which was awesome.  It's rare we actually get out doors cuz we're both home bodies and just love staying inside watching movies or eating lol.  After a day of shopping I took her to Olive Garden and had dinner there and finished just in time to come home and watch the novelas.  It was a pretty amazing weekend and I enjoyed it very much.

Now I'm only 2 weeks away from my trip to Puerto Rico and I'm super ecstatic about that as well! And how can I forget to mention I've purchased my dream camera! I've been reading the manual to get the jist of it and familiarize myelf with it and learn to navigate through it with ease and I have so many ideas and plans that revolve around this camera but I'll post more about that in due time.

For now, I'll close it here. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and short week! My weekend is a day away! Oh yea! ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stupid Girl

I dont' know how I let him get me so down and out.  I ignored all the signs and fell like a fool.  I pushed him away and let him go and he returned time and time again.  Stupid tears I've shed for nothing.

Stupid girl you are

He never cared and lied through your screen, you always made up excuses for everything.  He moves on like a breath of air and you like a fish out of sea. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wet n Wild Lust Eyeshadow Pallet Look & Review

I purchased a few Wet n Wild eyeshadow pallets over the weekend and wanted to test them out myself since all I hear are great things about them.

Here is a makeup look I've created using the pallet. For my review, check out the video.

Lust Eyeshadow Pallet - Wet n Wild (above)
Blacktrack Fluidline
Mary Kay Ulitmate Mascara
Angelika Blush by Nars
Love Dove - MAC Slimshine Lipstick

xoxo Mayra

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Makeup Look

 Makeup Used:
Urban Decay Book Of Shadows:
Snatch, Bordello, Last Call, Rockstar, Proversion, Uzi, Psychedelic Sister, Free Fall
Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner
MAC Blacktrack Fluid Line
Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara
Blush: Angelika by Nars (Thanks Crys)
Lips: MAC Brave New Bronze Lipstick

The Video / Tutorial

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weighloss Update

I started my "weighloss" journey on Monday. I can't say it's an actual "journey" as I'm not on a specific diet or taking desperate measures. I'm simply avoiding the love of my life and my worst enemy all together: ice cream.

I have been eating better too. I've learned over the years that it's all about making better and smarter food choices. This week so far, I've had one soda and have been drinking a lot more water. I'm drinking at least 2 of these a day which account for at least 8 glasses a water a day.

I'm eating less tortillas, packing luch as usual and eating more fruits and salads.  I havn't completely cut out my mom's food because it's so irresistibly delicious but I have cut back on the tortillas.  I only pack three for lunch.  When I'm at home I tend to eat 5-6 tortillas with each sitting, possibly more.  While three tortillas may still be too much, it beats five to six tortillas each sitting two to three times a day, so I must say I'm doing pretty damn good.

Monday wasn't so good though I must say.  I started the day off very good, but towards the end of the day I was craving a frappuciino so bad that I opted for a Frappe from Mc'Donalds.  I drank one right before class on Monday and didn't have dinner, just a glass of milk and some calabasa my mom made in dulce.

Tuesday, I did the same. Had some fruit throughout the morning, had lunch, and snacked on a banana later in the evening before class and didn't eat passed 6pm.

Today, there are three muffins that keep eye balling me each time I'm on my way to the bathroom. They're just sitting there calling my name. I'm doing my best to think they're some evil muffins that just want to corrupt me! lol.  So far I'm doing good ignoring them, they can be really loud!! I know they hear me talking about them, evil bastards, why do they have to be so yummy :(

Why do we have to crave everything when we're trying so hard to be good?? I often wonder and analyze my eating habits and behavior and notice when I'm not "dieting" or "watching what I eat" I go on about my day not craving things, I just eat to eat, not so much because I'm hungy. Now that I'm trying to watch my weight I want it all but the satisfaction will only lead to guilt later. No thanks.

Anyway, I'll be getting on the scale by the end of the week! I hope it gives me good news :)

Interview Update

I've been meaning edit to the video I did after I had my interview last Friday and I've been doing what I do best when it comes to getting things done. PROCRASTINATE.

It's Wednesday and I havn't heard back from the interview panel which leads me to beleive I didn't land the job.  I'm not to worried about it.  The position was part time at the school district. It required that I become responsible for all the paperwork and transitioning of expelled students coming in/out of the district. A job like that will defintely keep my hands full all day without a doubt as oppossed to what I currently do.

Landing the job would have been nice but I'm not too overly concerned about it because I have a job as it is anyway, I'm just not happy with it anymore.  I think I'd be more concerned had I been unemployed.

I'm trying to make the best of what I do here.  There are times when I'm content not doing anything. Other days I'm utterly disgusted at the fact that I come here and do absolutely nothing. 

For a long time I didn't want to leave this place because I made bank for doing nothing. I know I will not find another job that will pay me what I make right now, specially for doing nothing.  I don't care about the money anymore.  I wanted to find a job that would satisfy me in more ways than one even if it meant I had to take a pay cut.  It feels a lot better making less money and doing something you love making bank and doing something you dont enjoy. Trust me, it can be depressing.

At the end of the day I can't say I'm upset.  I'm quite happy I was given the opportunity to meet and get an interview.  I hadn't been on an interview since I got this job almost 4 years ago, and I'd like to think I did pretty good. 

I'm quite the contradiction.  Soon after I left my interview I summed up the possibilities of me getting the job and was almost hoping I didn't get a call with a job offer. A lightbulb suddenly flicked on and I remembered that we get our yearly bonus in March. I already know what I'm gonna do with it.  I figured, I have plenty of time to find a part time job because in I wanted to go to school more often. Well the spring semester is already in session, which means I have until the Fall semester to find something part time so I can go to school in the mornings.

This will give me plenty of time to do some more research and possibly get more interviews. My mom is also up for surgery and I figured maybe a part time job wasn't such a good idea for the moment, considering she'll be disabled. She will have disability benefits but I rather have a more financially secure job until she gets better. In the end, I've already waited four years, what's a few more months right?

Then I remembered I'm going on a trip in March, so it's not in my best interest to take a pay cut right this instant.  Plus, I'm pretty sure a new employer will not be happy to know their new hire is going on a vacation just weeks into the job, I mean who does that?

Bottom line is I'm thankful for the interview I received and I've decided if I do get a call with a job offer, I will be forced to turn down the position because at the moment it's not in my best interest.  Something changed in me after that interview though, I feel as if it's empowered me and it feels great.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Must Lose 15 Lbs in 1 Month!

Pretty drastic right??

Well...I'm hoping I can lose at least 15 pounds before my trip coming up in March!

I feel bad cuz I gained back all the damn weight I lost last year. I was doing so well but nooooo, I had to eat ice cream like a damn whore on crack! Okay, pretty drastic comparison but I was eating ice cream A LOT!

Once I noticed I was gaining weight I decided I needed to stop.

Funny how all of a sudden it just creeps on you.

I had been eating ice cream for a while and suddenly I noticed my arms got bigger and my waist started disapearring.

Now my roll hangs over my jeans once again! I really liked how my jeans used to slip off my waist! Oh no, not anymore, motha effers are holding on too tight now! lol.

So my journey to lose weight begins today because I cheated over the weekend and finished some ice cream we had in the freezer. I told the lady (my mom) that she coudn't and wasn't allowed to buy anymore ice cream! lol She too is trying to lose weight because we wouldn't always eat ice cream together, but I'd always eat more than her. 

So far, I've had 16 oz. of water, and a super fresh crisp apple and a cup of coffee. Coffee and water combined has driven me crazy just making runs to the rest room. For lunch, I will be having some arroz con pollo en chile verde. I'm sorry, I can't resist my mom's mexican food so I figured I'll eat early, and I'll just have a salad, some jello, and fruit througout the rest of the evening and plenty of water and I  need to start excercising! That's the hardest part. I'm just going to  dance for 30 minutes once I get home. That's excercise and I can sweat, specially when I try to "get low" or try to "make the booty pop" that makes my thighs burn like a motha!  I dont consider myself a great dancer but I try to mimic movements I see and omg it's a pain in the ass literally! I dont have that much strenth on my lower body! Anyway, as long as I break a sweat and get this body moving for 30 minutes I should be okay right??

We will see! For now, I'm going to keep this positive attitude I have about losing some Lbs and just keep myself motivated. I'm hoping if I continue blogging and speaking on it in my YT videos, then I will be forced to follow through and keep at it. That way I can have my girls check my ass too! That always seems to help :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Fondue Of You - OPI

I'm wearing a lot of neutrals today. Olives, white, and beige so I wanted to add a darker earthy tone onto my nails.  I'm Fondue Of You is another favorite of mine. It's a deep brown burundy wine tone with very tiny burgundy reflects.