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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Made my First Baby Bow

Supplies Used:
Peaches & Creme Striped Yarn in 4 Ply 100% Cotton - Worsted Weight
Size "G" Crochet Hook (4.25mm)
1/8" Celebrate It Shimmer Ribbon
1 Single Prong Alligator Clip

I've been getting all sorts of creative now that I know I'm expecting a baby girl! I been getting crafty and been into making her a blanky, some bows, and all kinds of other ideas in mind.  Today I made her this cute lil crochet bow with the help of bobwilson123 and by watching her video on Youtube on How to Crochet a Bow

To glam it up a bit, I added 1/8" shimmering ribbon to the center of the bow.


Lastly, I inserted a single prong alligator clip to the back of the bow.

I made a few others and messed with the different size gauges on the hooks.  I found that the size "G" worked best as it kept everything taught and neat.  I used a size "J" hook and although it was a tad bigger, I felt it looked more loose, I think the "J" hook will work just as good, but with a different yarn material that isn't cotton.

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