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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movie Night - Lottery Ticket

The girls and I went to the movies last night to watch Lottery Ticket featuring Bow Wow and Ice Cube, Mike Epps and others I can't recall at the moment. I really enjoyed the movie. Bow Wow's first "sex" scene, which wasn't really a sex scene but more like a "love scene" and I thought it was very appropriate and not over the top for his first scene like this. Bow wow is getting FINE let me tell you! lol I remember watching him grow up so to see him in that light is like Oh boy! Lil Bow Wow's all grown now! lol. Anyway, Ice Cube on the other hand! Man! ICe Cube made a GROWN ASS MAN look mighty fine too! lol I'd tap that ass anyday! lmao.

Anywho, overall the movie had real great moral value! It reminds me of some of the things I see on YT with guru's and viewers and subscribers and all that good stuff. I dont want to give away the movie, but if you watch it and you make videos or watch videos on YT you might be able to see the analogy I'm talking about with Lottery Ticket and the whole YT world. Overall, I had a good time, got some good laughs, and walked away with some great moral value and just some more knowledge and wisdom.  A few scenes hit home and reminded me of personal things I myself have experiences so it was also a movie I was able to empathized with.

My outfit for the night was very casual. I threw on a tank I purchased at my local mall in a shop called "Choice Plus." It's very stylish and gives a punk/rock edge to it. It has some black and white photography art on the front and has the workds LOVE LIFE on the the top right breast and lower left corner in Red foiled letters and a big red kiss or lips on the lower right corner as well.

I threw over a cardigan I purchased at Torrid sometime this Spring. I love this cardigan, it's long in the front and short in the back. I love that the front of this cardigan gives you more body and coverage and does a very great job of concealing your side handles, love rolls, mid section and all that good stuff.  The back of the cardigan is a lot shorter in the back but still gives you enough flow so it's not super tight and revealing (well depends how big/small you get it).

I paired the top and cardigan up with some regular black leggings I purchased at Ross for $5 bucks.  I made sure the tank covered up my backside and went passed my thighs so my mid section and behind wound't be all out in the open considering I had leggins on and din't want to reveal too much goodness to this world lol. I then paired up the whole outfit with my Grey boots witch my FB friend Rebecca mentioned they looked like astronaut boots and I couldn't agree less! lol I looked at them and thought, "hmmm...she's right!" lol.  Anyway, I was tired by the time I got home and made a video so I may look tired in my pictures but that didn't hold me back from having fun and getting creative lol.

Hope you enjoy these pictures! xoxo

Sleveless Grey Knit Cardigan - Torrid
Sleveless Graphic Tank - Choice Plus
Black Leggings - Ross
Grey Flat Point Toe Knee High Boots by SODA - Ross 
Heart Chain Necklace - Torrid

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mike Update...

So...I'm in GREEN and Mike is GREY






So anyway, I have no idea why in the world Mike assumed their would be potential when I clearly stated I only wanted to be friends! Isn't this ridiculous!! I mean he can't even be my "friend" he'll be hurt. How in the world can you determine you like someone before you know them? I'm sorry but that's infatuation. You find someone attractive and then you just imagine your world around them without even knowing what they're like. You can't determine if you like someone until you actually meet them, socialize, and interact; only then can cuz you determine if you really like someone. You can't just look at a person and say "I LIKE YOU" know what I mean? I don't know but Mike is missing out on a good friend. I'm over here telling him I'm willing to look out for him, even told him so over the phone and then he blindsides me with this! it's like wtf?? I thought I made myself clear!! Lesson to be learned! I mean I said no for EVER!  that should have been the biggest sign of all! This goes to women too! If a man is giving you the run around then tell him to kick rocks or just look for someone that is going to show you the same attention you show them. It's not a one way street when it comes to building relationships of any kind, you have to be vibing each other in order for a relationship to build and this goes for friendships as well, Obviously you ain't gonna be friends with someone who you are not vibing with. How do you expect to have potential with someone who has shown no interest in you since day one?  Craziness! His loss, not mine. I didn't even bother responding to his last message.

So Okiny, you guessed it. Mike couldn't be JUST friends :)

I mean geez, if a man tells me he I have no chance with him and yet I like his personality and know he's a good friend, I'm not going to stop talking to him. Yes I will be butt hurt because he didn't like me the way I liked him but geez, I'll get over it eventually and still have a good friend. Maybe I'll stay away and distance myself for a while, but to completely just shut someone out of your life because they dont want the same you do is a little selfish to me. What are your thoughts?

Ever had a similar experience happen to you? Do share :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

My Date With Mike

 So I had a date with Mike this Sunday. We previously had a date set up for Friday to which I chose Chillis because the environment is more fun and outgoing and chill. Well we ended up rescheduling that date because my dumbass lost (misplaced) my phone and I was going nuts! I literally flipped my house upside down looking for my phone because I could have sworn I last used it inside my room, only to find it under a book on the passenger seat of my car. UGH! Don't you hate when you are desperately looking for something and you just can't find it, and when you least expect it it pops up out of no where! Well let me tell you, I felt like a big ass stamp that read "idiot" was stamped all over my forehead! Anyway, I'm glad my phone wasn't really lost but misplaced instead.

Anyway, so since we had to reschedule the date, this time Mike chose to go to Olive Garden. That's the last place I wanted to go for a date! I dont know why, but Olive Garden to me is just too..."ooey gooey" lol or "romantic" I see Olive Garden as a place for a romantic date and I really wanted to just kick back and have a drink or two and have conversation with the guy and not feel weird lol. I mean, the food is delicious, don't get me wrong...but IDk for a date...no thanks...or maybe not a date with Mike! lol.

Anyway, we went to Olive Garden and it was really nice afterall.  There wasn't one awkward moment at all and he was a great guy. We never stopped talking once. I let Mike know immediately I wasn't looking for love or to be in a relationship and that because I accepted to go on a date with him didn't mean we were gonna keep dating or that their was potential for a relationship. I pretty much made it clear I'd only be his friend.  Mike is a handsome guy, he's tall 6'3 broad shoulders, big guy...body gaurd status lol and he is super nice and sweet. TOOOO nice if you ask me.  And I dont know about you, but I like my men to have a little edge, and know when to put his foot down and call the shots. Mike seems too nice and too much of a push over and I told him so. He mentioned to me that girls play games too much, and I proceeded to tell him he allowed them too because he should know when a girl is giving him the run around and when a girl is genuinely into him. He had to agree. I mean, seriously, if a guy or girl, is dating you and you know and feel they are not into you the way you are into them, then seirously...you gotta let it go and like JayZ said "onto the next one" cuz if you expect their feelings to change, they won't and in the end you are going to get hurt, and that's what I told Mike. "Don't let them bitches play games with you, you're too nice and don't deserve to be played with, but don't play yourself either" and he just smiled and said "thanks."

I'm just very open and honest and Mike is a total sweetheart. Defintely not my type of guy, but he's defintely someone I'd hook up with a nice girl I know would treat him as he deserves to be treated. I know he'll make someone a great boyfriend just not me! lol Anyway, he's a great guy, and I've made a great friend I'm sure...but defintely defintely not my type of guy. 

So why did I go on a date with him if I knew? Well...Mike's been asking me on a date for some time now...maybe close to a year and I always said No. I finally told Mike I'd only go on a date with him if he agreed not to think it meant anything or got the wrong idea (you know how some guys will think you like them just cuz you say yes) and I also told him he couldn't hit on me at all or look at me with googley eyes lol (I'm so full of myself huh) well no I'm not lol But I sure sound like it lol. I'm just very strait to the point and I knew from the Get-Go he just wasn't my type, and he always insisted on taking me out to dinner or a movie so I said fine, i'll get to know the guy right...well I was right! lol He's just TOO darn nice! lol but I've defintely made a great friend! =)

Anyway...I'll be sharing my outfit later on. I forgot to take pictures so I'll throw on my outfit again today and take pictures to post. I did however, get to do a video on my outfit, which I have yet to post. I am so behind but work and school are my priorities right now so whenever I get the chance to post my video's I will do so.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) Tell me, have you ever had a dat with a softy? How did you react and how did it go? Let me know your thoughts!

Till the next post, see u soon

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Blues

Face of the Day - Back to School!

Makeup Used
Too Faced Shadow Insurance - Primer
Groundwork - MAC Paintpot
MAC Eyehshadows: Blue Edge (lid)
& Charcoal Brown (Crease)
MAC Black Track Fluid Gel Eyeliner
MAC Cremeblush in Pleasurful
MAC Eyelash Curlers
Almay One Coat Nourishing Mascara - thickening waterproof
Urban Decay - De-Slick Mattifying Powder
HIP Jellybalm in Succulent
Wet n' Wild Lipstick in 906D

You don't have to use MAC to recreate this look. This is just what I had in my makeup bag and it's what I used but this look can be easily recreated with the 120 Pro Color Palette or any other eyehsadows that look similar to the colors I used.
Natural Lighting / No Flash

Natural Lighting - Took right next to my window :)
Natural Lighting - Next to window
Indoor Lighting / No Flash

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet & Greet: PrettyxGirlx81

So I went to Santa Barbara this weekend to meet up with my girl Zonelle from Youtube. Her user name is PrettyxGirlx81 and by god is she beautiful in person! Not only beautiful in person as in looks but she is a beautiful person all together. Super nice, down to earth, easy to talk to, mellow, fun, crazy, funny, and sweet! She's super awesome and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet her in person, spend a weekend with her, laugh, talk, drink, party & bullshit! lol

The only downside to meeting her, was neither one of us recorded much. We were too focused on enjoying the day, eating, talking, and just having a good time and getting to know each other.  When we were getting ready for the club, we kept talking about doing an outfit of the night video and we just never got it done :( We were too busy getting pretty and sexy for a girls night out! lol

Anyway, when we made it out to the club, we decided we weren't going to take our cameras because Monica, a friend of hers and designated driver said she'd take the pictures for us so we were all like OKay!! Big mistake! I'm always used to carrying my camera around and neither one of us took it this time. I think that was our biggest regret! We had so much fun that night and we both wished we could have captured so many funny moments! We are defintely going to get together again soon, so we have both agreed we're taking our cameras and we're gonna switch them so we both get random pictures on each of our cameras. The funny thing is that we both have the same identicle camera! How awesome is that lol too funny!!

Anyway, here is a video she posted up and I'm featured at the end, maybe a few seconds at the most and man, do I look mad squeezing that lemon lmao. And I've posted some pictures of the club night that Monica was able to capture that night! I can't wait to meet her again! And I'm looking forward to meeting up with other Youtubers as well. I never thought I'd actually  meet someone, but I've begun to really get to know a few girls and wouldn't mind meeting them down the road sometime. There are defintely some awesome ppl on youtube and it's great to actually meet up and make a friend for life. I had an awesome weekend with Zonelle! Thanks girl! You are awesome, and can't wait to meet up again!! xoxo Mayra

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Movie Night - Salt

Hey gorgeouz!
I went to the movies with my bestie Liz, and a friend Karen. Liz is trying to get her license so when I picked her up, we went to her moms house and picked up her car so she can drive it around and gain more practice. I have a few clips I'll post up later! But maybe once she gets her license I'll share a little journey with anyone interested in watching.  Something's always up and going on when we get together so I'd love to share that with anyone willing to watch.

Anyway, I called shotgun for the backseat! I know everyone is like "why the backseat" but you know, I have been driving since I was 16 and I rarely experience what the backseat feels like so I just wanted to feel like a cab rider for the day lol and Liz was my chofer lol.

Anyway, since we went to the movies, I went with something very laid back and casual. Here's my outfit for the evening.

I wore some blue jeans by Paris Blues. I purchased these jeans at Ross for about $17 bucks. I loved them because of the worn out detailing on the front of the jeans and the washout look on the thighs and legs. They were very comfortable and very stretchy. I bought them in a size 14 and they fit snug but throughout the day it stretched out and ended up fitting perfectly. The back pockets have some detailing on the pockets as well. Here are a few pictures.

Oh...and incase you noticed... I'm sucking on some BlowPop Suckers Cely (MY2HAZELEYEZ) from YT sent me for my B-day! I loved em!! lol

Detailing on left thigh 
Right Knee
Pocket stitching with some worn out detailing
I wore a semi loose fitted cotton grey graphic tee that read "I heart Nerds" and had Snoopy d atop his house as we know him to. I purchased the top at Wal*Mart for only $9 bucks. The top is very light weight and comfortable, easy to breath, and the sleeves were not as fitted as other tee's so I really liked that as well because my arms didn't feel suffocated and restricted.

The length of the top fell right on my hips which helps conceal the stomach area and your side handles or problem areas as I love calling them. Shirts that sit at the hips tend to emphasize your stomach so if your stomach is a problem area you might want to wear tops that are more lengthy so you take the emphasis away from your stomach and focus it on your hips or bust rather than your problem area. 
I layered the grey top over a purple tank just to add some color and also help concealing problem areas. 

I paired up the outfit with some metallic studded thong sandals I purchased at Ross for about $5-8 dollars. I can't quite remember how much they were, but do remember they were a bargain! These sandals are very comfortable and trendy with the studs and can help turn up any casual outfit.

I didn't wear too many accessories because it was a casual outfit and the graphic tee was like an accessorey itself so I just wore some earrings my girl Cely sent me for my b-day. When I first saw them I thought they were sloped hearts, but the more I look at them the more they seam like leaves lol Dont know why I didn't catch that in the first place. Wether they are leaves or hearts, they are still super cute and I loved them. Thank You Cely!

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer
  • MAC Bare Study Paint Pot
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Sin
  • MAC Restless Taupe Eyeshadow from Take Wing Quad
  • Black Liquid Liner - Hot Topic
  • Maybelline Define-a-Lash Mascara
  • MAC blush creme in Pleasureful
  • Wet n Wild Lipstick in 906D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Looking Back

I was going through an old portable hard drive and I found some pictures from previous B-days! Guess it's true what they say...we age like fine wine and get better with time! lol I could honestly say I look my absolute best, I feel most confident, and I love myself like never before! I love my life and all the wonderful people in it! The pictures below were taken on my actual b-day! Look how I've changed, it's amazing!!

24 in 2010

23 in 2009

22 in 2008
I only wore this top on my 22nd b-day because it didn't even fit! And today it fits perfect!

21 in 2007 (this b-day sucked balls lol)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sexy Birthday

For my 24th B-Day, I went shopping for a cute and comfortable outfit to wear at night. I was at Ross and well...I found just what I needed and more lol.  I bought a few pairs of shoes...more than I probably  needed to buy in one day, but hey...it was my b-day and why not? I bought two different pairs of booties both by Dollhouse, some absolutely amazing and can I say extremely sexy Red Heels by Jessica Simpson! Omg these shoes are to die for. They are just amazing and super comforatble!! I was amazed at how comfortable they were by the height of the heel and how thin the heel was (I'm used to chunkier heels for support). I also purchased some brown heels because they were just cheap! $13 dollars for those babies and I said...why not! I also purchased some black flats with some zipper flaps at the front and those are super cute and comfortable. I'm actually wearing them right now and I love them!! Super trendy and stylish and will add an extra Ooomph to any casual outfit.
I also purchased my littel black and white leopard print romper at Ross for only $7.99! I found it in the juniors section...and though I may not be a Jr anymore I made it work! I dont care if it's not meant for someone my age...if it fits, I make it work and that's that. I also bought a pair of Paris Blues torn jeans and are so cute (I'm wearing them now) and super comfortable and have a really nice fit. I'll post them up after I post my OOTD today.

So for my outfit, as I mentioned above, I wore a black and white leopard print romper and I added my favorite red belt to the waist and paired that up with my sexy JS heels. I threw on a military jacket I purchased at the goodwill for 5 dollars! Yes that's right, that cute military jacket at the goodwill for 5 dollars! Ain't no shame in my game. That jacket is so cute and can turn up any outfit. I wore this jacket througout the night but once it got hot (after an unknown number of tequila shots) I took it off.  The first picture is us arriving at the club so my hair was still up and once we got inside I let me hair hang loose! lol.

Here are a few pictures of my memorable 24th b-day! It will defintely be a night I'll never forget! and It was defintely more memorable than my 21st that's for sure!!
My Bestie Liz aka Chubbs, B-Day Girl, and my Bestie from Jr. High Mayra (yup same name lol)

Chubby, Mayra, and Myself after a few drinks!

Random Pictures are always the best!

Me & My Partner in Crime <3 her

Apparently us being too sexy has disturbed the peace!! lol Cops had to roll out and check some fools who just dont know how to act around fly mamacitas! But you know we had to capture the moment!!

Tell Me Chubbs isn't one sexy gordita =)
Chubby didnt know what to wear this night. She swore the romper shorts were too basic and "beach" like and wouldn't work for the club and I said girl PLEASE! and so I helped her glam it up a bit but adding a belt to her waist and heels to match the belt. Now Chubby's a little shorty, she's only 5'1 or 5'2 and for those of you who  may think a belt will only make you look shorter, think again cuz I think Liz is one hot fly lil mama! lol She looks hot and sexy! And she was glowing that night. Goes to show that if you dress sexy, you'll feel sexy (And there's a fine line between sexy and slutty lol).

Now, onto my outfit of the night...I have to admit, I think these pictures came out damn sexy for 5am and a night of partying, drinking, and dancing! I know I look tired in them, but I like the essence I captured in the pictures, anyways...that's just me lol. Here's my mini photoshoot. Now I need to come up with way's to change up  my backround lol.

One of my favorites:

Yup, you can tell I'm ready to crash out lol


And here's what my outfit looked like without the jacket on. Still sexy and still conservative.
That tan in a can really made miracles here! I love my legs now lol

And yes, the celulite is still visible, but had I not used my tan in a can, it would have looked worse! lol so get you some tan in a can! And get some flawless looking legs with an even complexion too! And tell me that bronze glow isn't sexy!! My legs look flawless and I love it!