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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


It was a Thursday night in October when Alexa decided to check out a local bar in downtown Monterey. She had just got off work and didn't feel like dressing up too much, specially on a Thursday night and for a bar she had never been to. She had been hearing about a bar called "The Mucky Duck" and how hype it gets every day of the week. Great music, outdoor heated patio, fire pits, great drinks, and hot guys! She had to try it out.

That night Alexa threw on some black heels, a fitted, brown, low cut v-neck top that hugged her figure nicely and flowed right down her waist and rested nicely over her tight fitted jeans. She threw on a green blazer, touched up her all natural looking makeup and out the door she went. Alexa normally took friends along but this time, she went solo.

As Alexa parked her car a few streets down the pub, she was able to hear the crowd roaring with laughs and the music bumpin loud through the night. She made her way around the corner and finally made it to the entrance. She showed her ID as usual and made her way through the Pub. It was a nice spot, warm and cozy on the inside. Dining tables were to the left and right sides of the inside where couples dined and mingled with each other. She was able to see the patio from a distance and as she made her way towards the back she came to an abrubt stop!

"where you going beautiful?" said a black male in a green shirt labeled "security"
"I'm going to the back, what's the problem?"
"Oh, you have to wait in line just like all the others" pointing towards a line that practically circled the whole restaurant
"are you serious?"
"Uh huh"

"So it really is poppin here" Alexa thought to herself.

"well can I atleast get through to use the ladies room?"
"no problem gorgeouz, just gimme your ID"
"sounds good" as she handed him her ID

She made her way towards the ladies room, touched up and took a peek out towards the patio. The music was crackin, bodies were grinding on the dancefloor, drinks were spilling, and bodies were mingling. Alexa didn't want to wait to get back there so she was considering going home. She went back and decided to wait a while hoping the line would move quickly. As she made her way back towards the security gaurd to get her ID he stops her again.

"Here you are beautiful, go on."
"Go on...? You mean...I dont have to wait?"
"Nah, but you better hurry before I change my mind"
"Ur awesome!"
"No You're just beautiful"
"Thanks" she said waving him goodbye

And with the greatest smile ever she made her way towards the patio and headed strait to the bar. She ordered her first round of drinks and instantly grabbed the first stool she could get her behind on. There she sat just enjoying her drink and moving her body to the rhythm of the music. She watched as couples were bumping and grinding their bodies all over eachother on the dancefloor. Oh how she envied those women and how they could dance so good, specially how they managed to make the booty clap. She'd catch her self giggling at herself and the silly thoughts that ran through her mind.

"I wish I can shake my ass like that!" she thought to herself.
"that bitch, i hate her!" she laughed and nodded at her own thoughts

Then something happened. She felt a strong sense over her. She looked off to the left side and there he was. Who knows how long this man was looking at her for, long enough for her to sense his sight over her.

"And who might you be?" she thought to herself.

Alexa looked away and tried looking around her. Was he really looking at her? She had to make sure so she got up to order another drink. As she made her way back to the stool she was perched on she realized no other females were around so it had to be her this guy was looking at.

"Well I ain't going over there!" she thought to herself again
"If you want some come get some" she smirked to herself

And just a spell casted from a book, he began to approach her.

"OMG, am I good or what" she smirked again as she stared him strait on
She felt her heart pumping and beating rapidly and suddenly felt the alcohol level rise in her blood.
"Relax, you don't want to make a fool of yourself" she thought to herself

Alexa observed as he approached. He looked so handsome from afar. He was tall, maybe six feet tall, tanned, and very very attractive. He was wearing a beanie hat that night, a green and white fitted baseball tee with a beige jacket that exposed the fitted tee hugging his smooth looking defined chest. His jeans fit him nicely, not too loose, not too tight and he wore some Puma running shoes.

She kept her glance focused on his eyes as he made his way towards her. Something about the way they looked at eachother as he made his way toward her really made everything feel as if it was frozen in time.

"Hi, you all alone?"
"No, my girls are dancing, I'm just enjoying a good drink." Of course she lied, he didn't have to know she was their all alone, for all she knew he could be some phycho stalker or something.
"What are you drinking?" he asked as he sized up her drink
"A Midori Sour, it's a girly drink" she said with a giggle
"I'm not a heavy drinker, and I dont like beer so shots or mixed drinks will do" as she raised her cup at him and took a drink from her straw. "what are you drinking?"
"Water" he says..."Iced water"
"You must be the designated driver" she guessed
"Yup, that's me." he confirmed. "So what's your name?"
"Alexa" she replied "What's yours?" she asked
"My name is Tony, it's nice to meet you Alexa" and he formally introduced himself giving her his hand for a shake.
"It's nice to meet you too, Tony." she replied.

The two continued on talking and enjoying each others company and danced a few songs together. She loved looking at him, and feeling his arms each time they danced together. She can only imagine what the rest of him felt like. She'd blush and smile at herself each time she provoked naughty thoughts of him.

"I'm only human" she thought to herself.

The end of the night was fast approaching and she was wondering how she was going to manage getting away with lying about her so called friends who were no where around. Luckily, Tony's friends started to make chaos and were asked to leave the bar.

"Looks like I gotta go. We should get together sometime, maybe we can have some fun on our own?"
"I'm always up for a good time." She replied with a smirk

They exchanged numbers and Alexa quickly made her way to her car once she noticed Tony leave.

On her drive home she couldn't help but think of Tony and how hot he was and all the things they could do together. Of course, Alexa was not interested in relationships or love for that matter. She was ready to take the bull by the horns and enjoy the ride.

She'd hope he'd call soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The night she met Fabian was truly something Alexa would like to think of as "erotic."

Alexa hadn't gone out in a while. Work and school and doing volunteer work was consuming her schedule. Any free time Alexa had was spent doing homework, studying, or visiting her mother who lived a few hours away.  It was spring break that week and Alexa finally got the chance to relax and enjoy herself without having to worry about school.

It was a Friday night and the girls decided they wanted to have a girls night of drinks and dancing. Alexa hadn't gone out in such a long time she had no idea what she wanted to wear. That night, Alexa put together a cute sexy but conservative outfit that accentuated her curves while keeping her goods nicely tucked away in their respective places. She wore some blue denim shorts that were mid thigh length, she wore a long collared white shirt that hugged her breasts nicely and fell just above her mid thigh shorts. She left a few buttons opened to expose her collar but kept the twins nicely tucked away and out of sight. She added a belt that accentuated her curvy waist and bust. Alexa loved high heels, she went with some sexy black 4" stilleto pumps that made her legs look that much sexier.  Alexa was a little on the heavy side, but regardless of her weight, she knew she looked good. She carried her weight nicely and as many would like to say, was thick in all the right places.

Alexa wore her hair strait that night, she has naturally curly hair but the strait hair gives her a whole new and completely different look. She was light on the makeup and bold on the lips wearing Viva Glam I lipstick that night to make her lips the center of attention. Alexa liked how she looked, and was ready to go. She drove over to Karens house where she picked up her best friend Liz and Karen and Alejandra who lived in the same city the club the girls were going to.

When the girls finally arrived, they went strait to their number one spot: the bar. The girls ordered their round of drinks, Alexa was having a sex on the beach that night followed by plenty others. The girls were all having a good time, enjoying the music, dancing, and just enjoying the evening.

After so many drinks, Alexa heads over to the ladies room to freshen up and empty her bladder. As she makes her way through the crowd towards the ladies room, there he was.  They saw each other, gave eachother a stare and shared a smile. Everything felt as if it slowed down for a moment and they were the only two who stood in motion. As she approached, he extended his hand and offered her a dance.

"where you going beautiful?, let's go dance"
"right after I return from the ladies room we'll dance"
"all right, i'll be right here waiting"

And so she went to the ladies room. He was a little hottie.  She was obviously taller than him that night by an inch or two, no big difference, she still thought the shoes were sexy despite them making her look that much taller.  She tried recalling what she remembered he looked like in those few seconds she crossed words with him. He looked hispanic and had a natural brown tan, brown eyes, and a very sexy mouth that exposed a flirty smile. His body was nice too, not skinny, not big or overly muscular, he was just right. She knew she had the hots for him, but would he really be there when she returned? only one way of finding out. Alexa finally freshened up and with her head up high she took a deep breath relaxed and walked out and was ready to go dance with the hottie.
"you're back, I thought you were bluffin about dancing with me" he told her
"let's go dance" she said to him, walking right passed him leading the way toward the dancefloor through the crowd of people.

And so they went on, her in front of him and he followed closely behind with his hand on the small of her back. They danced and danced and danced some more. First a little apart and they got closer and closer to each other. Alexa was already feeling the alcohol run hot through her body, she was feeling extra frisky and something about the way he looked at her drove her wild making her feel even hotter.

"you're so fucking sexy," he says
"oh really" she replies with a smile
"damn" he says, staring at her up and down, giving her a spin.
"what" she replied, when she faces him again
"I dont know, you're just fucking sexy"
"well thank you" she says to him as she stares strait into his eyes and down to his mouth.

And they continued dancing closer and closer by the second till their foreheards met and they felt the heat of their breaths on each other.

"something about your eyes" he tells her as he pulls back to admire her once again
"what about them" she says, as she pulls him closer to her
"I dont know"
She gives off a flirty laugh and continues to stare into his eyes as they pulled in closer to eachother, his hands on her waist and her hand on his shoulder and the other on the back of his neck.

And then it happened. He kisses her. She responds by kissing him back.  She pulls back, stares into him and comes back for another.  The way he stared at her turned her on. The way he kissed her turned her on. And they continued dancing on the dancefloor, occassionally coming together and kissing so passionately, with so much desire for more. With each kiss she tihghly clutched his hair and he'd only continue by softly biting her lower lip and falling back and giving her a spin so he can admire her presense.

"you're so fucking sexy"
"are you sure it's not all that alcohol?" she says
"Oh no, you're fucking hot"
 she giggled.

Alexa knew she was attractive. She knew that being her size she looked good and she knew men were attracted to her curvacious body. She liked hearing it too, and with all those drinks in her system, hearing it in now felt so much better because she felt just the same about him.

And the lights came on...it was the end of the night at the club and the DJ was announcing the next nights events as the music kept playing in the backround. It was a latin mix of cumbia and cha cha cha and they continued dancing till the music ended.

"I dont know how to dance this" he says
"Neither do I, just follow the music" she says

and she let her body follow the rhythm of the music, slowly moving her body and hips from side to side nice and smooth.

"You know how to dance this" he says,
"No, I'm just letting the rhythm guide me"
"You're just fucking sexy" he says
and she gigles again

He said it so boldy and it sounded so convincing. The way he said it turned her on and she liked hearing it from his sexy lips. Each time he mentioned how sexy she was, he'd stare at her with an intense deep look, he'd bite his lips, and admire her presense from head to toe, of course this made her feel so good inside and she liked the fact that she turned him on so immensely it was hard not to notice.

Finally, when the music ended and security scuttled everyone towards the exit he pulls her to one side and asked for her name. It wasn't till that moment that she realized they were so caught up in the moment they never even formally introduced themselves.

"So what's your name?" he asks.
"Alexa" she says, "and yours?"
"Fabian" (Fay-B-An) well "Fabian" (Fah-be-an) (in spanish tone) he say's
"Well it's nice meeting you "Faybian" she teased and he laughed with her
"So what's up, can I get your number? I'm trying to get to know you and take you out or something?"
"Sure, you can have my number" Of course she wanted to give him her number. She wanted to get to know him more too.
He handed his phone to her and asked that she enter it for him  and so she did.

"all right, well I gotta get going, my girls are probably looking for me"
"all right sexy, well get at me"
"I will"

And she waved him good night and they both went in opposite directions.
She took a minute to go through the club to see if she can find her girls but no luck. She made her way toward the exit when she heard someone shout her name.


And she looked up towards the DJ booth and there he was, just admiring her. She waved and smiled a flirty smile and dissapeared from his sight.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's been seven months since her breakup. She's never felt so happy. Some say she's a love vagabond, seems like she just can't stay single for long. When she commits, she gives her all. And what has that given her in return? Nothing but failed relationships. This time she said she'd do everything differetnly and shes kept her word. Alexa is her name. Her best friend calls her a heartbreaker, some would say she's a female casanova. She is neither. She doesn't pride herself from broken hearts, nor does she intend to break them. Alexa has simply reached a point where her focus isn't love, it's fun and adventure, lust and romance. Alexa beelives something is wrong with her as she reaches a point where she no longer becomes interested in her lovers and leaves them.  Her best friend teases her that she's like a guy who "loves em and leaves em."

Regardless of what anyone thinks or says, Alexa is strait forward, has direction, and love is the last thing on her mind. She's been in long term relationships for the past 5 years, its about time she focused onherself and did as she pleased and desired with whom she desired, when she desired.

Here are her stories...

Vujajic Sprains Left Ankle

Just when I was starting to come around Sasha, he sprains his ankle! I've been watching Sasha for a while now and he never seemed appealing to me as a player. Lately he's been stepping his game up and really putting it down on the court, specially Tuesday night's win over the Sacramento Kings. He reached a season high 13 points and 6 rebounds.

I've noticed he's chasing players all over the floor, he's a fast fella! (I'd say 'lil', but its' obvious he's not little at all) I also had a feeling he'd end up hurting himself too with him scrambling all over the court the way he does! And I can only imagine what he's feeling right now! For a player to come off the bench the way he did, impressing his viewers with his game and later get injured and have no other choice but to sitback and wait, it must be terrible. Sasha has brought game and surprised me in many ways by improving his shots and just being at the right spot and the right time, but he wasn't too fortunate last night when he sprained his ankle!

We can only wish him the best and hope he can come back soon and take part of the playoffs. For the time being, no fractures occurred and an MRI is scheduled sometime this morning which will give us a better insight on his injury and some insight for a possible return.

Andrew Bynum to return for Playoffs

Andrew Bynum Pictures, Images and Photos

So my favorite player from the Los Angeles Lakers is said to return from his injured left Achilles tendon just in time for the first game at Playoffs against Oklahoma City this Sunday.

I can't wait to see him back on the court and hope he's healthy enough to play throughout the remainder of the playoffs, let alone a good part of the game. Already, Bynum has missed 13 games due to his injurgy and seems to be more concerned about his conditioning than his injury which makes perfect sense to me. He must miss playing just as much as his fans have missed him play.

His progress for the remainder of the week will determine if he's ready to jump start the playoffs this Sunday! I'm almost certain he'll be there :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Living Life

Wow, it's been that long? I can't beleive my last post was in August/September...anyway, I'll pick up where I left off....

So I finally managed to break things off with my exboyfriend and life couldn't be any better for me! Living on my own has been great. I did have a few struggles along the way but I'm still doing it all on my own. I've started school again and I have never looked at my future any more positive than I do today. I have so many goals and ambitions so many things I need to tackle and accomplish. I'm finally making way for the path I plan to walk and it's just getting better and better.

Living on my own couldn't be greater. I'm doing what I want, when I want, who I want, and at anytime, anyplace...with no boundaries, no curphews, no one who to explain anything to but myself! I've never felt so happy in my life.

I've always been the type to be in relationships but since I've had 2 failed relationships I figured I do myself and just play the game and have fun and enjoy myself. For the first time I can defintely say I do not plan to, wish to, or have any desire to get into a relationship! I want no commitment, no ties, nobody to hold me back from anything I want to do!

Since my breakup with Roger, I've had my little love adventures which I plan do dish out soon...I've had friends with benefits and I've learned to see life from a different perspective! My perspective! I do as I want, with no a care in the world. I dont care what people say or what they can possibly think about the actions I take, because in the end, it's my life i'm living and I'm the one who has to walk in my shoes, so just kick back and enjoy the ride with me...and live my adventure.