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Friday, December 31, 2010

GoodBye 2010

2010 passed me by in a flash. I am looking forward to 2011 and all the changes I want to do for myself in the coming year.

I also had a wonderful year and learned a lot about myself along the way.

In 2011 I want to grow as a writer and blogger and continue my education and pursue my goals and dreams.  It's hard following your dreams when ur forced to work 9-5 mon-friday and have bills to pay, but none the less you can't give up and I wont do so, I will keep pushing forward.

In 2011 I plan on using my sewing machine more often, blogging and writing a lot more, and continue my focus on school and with my 3 day weekends coming up I plan on volunteering at my shelter once again and traveling and connecting with more of my viewers and readers.

Thank you for your continued love and support, for following, reading, commenting and coming by! I'll See you in 2011!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Ross Haul

Last week I went to Ross and picked up a few items. I was mostly looking for Xmas presents for the family, but who shops for xmas gifts and doesn't pick anything for themselves?

I got this lovely top by Kenneth Cole for 12.99. The material is very light weight and sheer. Perfect for the office, and easy to dress up or down. I can easily wear this in the summer despite the slouchy turtle neck because it's so sheer.
Kenneth Cole New York Top Original Price $69.00
I couldn't help but pick up a few more scarfs specially after noticing the mark downs and deals I was getting. The nude pink and black Viscose scarf is very soft and will definitely keep me warm. Picked it up for 9.99. I also picked up a nude beige Polyester Scarf which marked down to 6.99 so I couldn't pass it up.
The beige scarf is very light weight and sheer. Can be used to dress up a casual outfit. I liked the beading on the bottom, the light bounces off these beads and give it a more glamourous look.
Jones New York Polyester Scarf Original Price $38.00
Viscose Scarf Original Price $20
And with the winter now in session, I had to pick up a few more hats to keep warm.  I found a Grey wool hat from the Jessica Simpson collection for $5.99 and Gold Sequined hat for $6.99.
Left: Jessica Simpson Hat Original Price $19.99 Right: Capelli New York Hat Original Price:$18.00
And finally, I picked up this lovely handbag for $34.99. I'm not a handbag collector and rarely buy expensive handbags but decided to treat myself before the year ended. I liked the ruffling on this handbag and the fact that it's so big inside and I can use it with just about any outfit.

Big Buddha Marie Black Ruffled Satchel Handbag Original Price: $89.00

And that makes up my last haul of the year. I haven't made any resolutions for 2011, but I know I would like to haul less, that's for sure! 

Thigh High Boots

So this post is long overdue, but being on vacation, the Holidays, family get togethers and not having to work is a cause for a whole lot of procrastination. I did a little shopping last week and picked up a few things for the family and some things for myself.  I decided to wear my thigh high boots today because a few of my viewers wanted to see them on and with an outfit. I purchased these boots at JCP on Black Friday for 30 bucks. Original price $130.  I wore a black top from by Z. Cavaricci from Torrid I purchased last year. I love the top because I can use year round. 

I cinched the waist with a Belt by Steve Madden and threw a cardigan over.  I added a black sequined hat to avoid frizz since I straightened my hair.

I wore simple accessories. A cute heart necklace my mom gifted me from Avon and star studded earrings. 
I purchased the watch at NY&Co for 1/2 off original price along with three others while shopping at the mall. You can check out my NY&Co. Haul here

New York & Co. Haul

While at the mall, I noticed New York & Co. was having a store wide 50% off sale. I checked out their accessories and fell in love with these watches. Each watch was about 20 bucks and with the 50% off sale I couldn't help but pick up a few.

The first one that caught my attention was this bracelet watch with all the chains and links and the face perfectly centered. I've seen many bracelet watches before and normally I see the watch dangling from the bracelet like a charm. This one was different and I liked that nothing was dangling off my wrist. I got this baby for $9.97.

Original Price: 19.95

I picked up this gunmetal watch too. This is a very trendy watch that will stand out easily. I love how the light glistens and bounces off all these watches. Purchased this for 11.47
Original Price 22.95
Picked up this crystal studded watch for $9.97
Original Price: 19.95

This gold watch is one of my favorites. I fell in love with the elegance it presents with it's simplicity. Got it for $12.47
Original Price: $24.95

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get Your Leather On

Faux Leather Jacket - Collection B (Ross)
Black Top - Gift from GraceandRaul
Grey Burnout Tank - JCP
Washout Jeans - Paris Blues (Ross)
Faux Leather Boots - Ross

Today was a very rainy and cold muggy day. I personally loved it. I spent most of my day indoors, watching Season 2 of The Office on Netflix from my laptop as I tried cleaning up a few things in my room. I think I only cleaned up and organized for about five minutes between each episode!

Not very productive.

I hadn't seen The Office until one of my good friends Angel, whom I hadn't talked to in YEARS got a hold of me and said he thought it was hilarious. I had to check it out and couldn't agree more. I'm constantly laughing at the show and even got a little crush on Jim :)

Anyway, I went out a few hours and did a little shopping and I wore this today. It's pretty simple yet edgy. I didn't bother wearing makeup or getting all "pretty".  Luckily makeup isn't something I have to have on before I leave my house.  My weekend has been very relaxing and I'll go to work tomorrow and be off for the next two weeks. I'm hoping I only work 4 hours and get off early since we're only going to do inventory. Either way, I'm looking forward to the next two weeks off :)

Anybody do anything exciting this weekend?


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Trey Songz - Can't Be Friends

Open Note to Trey: Trey, we all know you're gorgeous, fine, and that you make our mouth water, but seriously you need to chill and kick back a little with all that sex appeal you are so desperatly trying to ooze out of you in this video.

Now ladies, I am having second thoughts about Trey in this video. I love a man that has confidence in himself and knows he drives a woman crazy, but Trey just over did it for me in this video.  His sexy appeal isn't natural in this video for me, he's trying to damn hard to make you melt and it's just not working for me.

However I do sit back and enjoy being amused by him as he so desperatly tries to "make love to me" through this video. Babe, it ain't working. Sorry. CUT CUT CUT!

I dont know about you all but I almost feel uncomfortable watching this video and I feel for the directors and camera men behind the shoot! lol. He's so into himself in this video it's so ridiculous and so funny to me at the same time. So many girls comment on how they wish they were the girl in the video and I find myself questioning why!? Seriously, the girl may be in his arms but clearly Trey is more into himself than the girl and it's so funny watching him try to act like he's really into her when he's trying so hard to seduce you through the screen. I dont know, it just doesn't flow naturally for me. Defintely amusing though.

From the googly squinty eyes to his head nodding and shaking back and forth, I've never seen a male artist try so hard to detail emotion the way Trey did in this video. ...something's changed for me when it comes to Trey. Seriously, the man looks gay. And threre's nothing wrong with being gay, but what woman fantasizes about a gay man? Not saying Trey is gay, just saying he looks gay to me in this video.

What are your thoughts on the video?

Beautiful Disaster

Since I've moved to my new apartment, I have yet to finish unpacking. I have been so lazy it's ridiculous. I find myself questioning how on earth I became so lazy and when did it start getting so bad.

Sometimes I wonder if my independence led me to become such a lazy ass.

It truly felt amazing to have my own place, live at my own expense; at my own will. Will to do as I pleased. I loved coming home to my place, MY place. A place I called my own in which I did as I pleased. The space in which nobody could mess with. Yea, well my space is all gone now!

 As much as I love living with "the lady" (my mother), it's a constant reminder and challenge to keep things organized.

That lady is so organized she drives me crazy. Why didn't I pick up on that trait hers? I find myself questioning it all the time. Growing up she's always been very stern. I find myself mocking her because she's so organized and I'm the complete opposite which drives her crazy! She knows I try,  she shakes her head in amusement each time she comes to my room and finds me "organizing". She always teases me and says that it always takes me longer to organize than what it lasts before it's all unorganized again. She's alway right, and we laugh together everytime.

I can never lie to her. Lie to her yes, get away with it never. She knows me to damn well.  When we'd talk over the phone, she'd tell me she can guarantee a car that my house was a disaster. I always told her it wasn't, that it was very organized. Truth was, the place was organized--for me. I knew where everything was, I laid it out as I pleased; laid out to work for me. I didn't have kids, a husband, or anyone to be so concerned about and have it so damn tidy. I've never been a neat freak or extremely tidy. I've always been a disaster. A beautiful disaster.

The disaster is getting out of control and it needed a little tame and so I decided I needed to buy a few things in order to get my disaster under control.

Organized Shopping

In order for me to organize my room, I visualized how I planned on organizing. I painted a vivid picture in my mind about how I wanted to organize my things while making it easy and convenient to maintain it organized. I wanted a system that was fast and easy.

I previously had all my jeans hung on a closet extending rack I had purchased at wal*mart. After moving into the new place and into my new bedroom I decided the rack wasn't really working for me anymore. I didn't like having my jeans hanging on the lower half of my closet or the fact that it was putting so much weight on the bar.

I wanted a system where I'd keep all my jeans folded and tucked away but with the visibility to see each pair of jean. I pictured cubbies like the ones I've seen at Torrid when I shop nicely stacked and separated by size.

At first I purchased a Joy Mongano 6 Shelf Closet Organizer from Target for $15.99. I thought of hanging it in my closet and nicely stacking my jeans witin each shelf cubbie but that didn't work out. You can find out why here.

After heading back to Target and returning the no good closet organizer, I decided I needed something that was going to be heavy duty and durable. I purchased a Stackable 9 Cube Organizer instead for $50 bucks.  Completely worth it and a great investment indeed.

I brought my vision to life with this cube organizer. I was able to sort and stack my jeans nicely and still have easy access to grab and go. Keeping this baby organized should be fast and easy. The great thing about this organizer is if I ever resort back to hanging my jeans, I can use it as a bookshelf, or even add cubbie drawers and use it as another means of storage. The possibilities are endless. 

I also puchased a few other items I have yet to include in this post but will defintely discuss in a video I plan to upload. I'll post pictures in another post soon.

Jay Mongano 6 Shelf Closet Organizer - Review

I was excited to come across this wonderful closet organizer at Target for only $15.99. My closet was becoming out of control and I needed an item that would give my closet to more space and a little more organization. I figured this closet organizer was exactly what I needed. 

The first thing that caught my attention was the design. The pattern was really nice, cute, and anything but plain. The visual on the cover drew me in and I was able to visualize this item in my closet and figured it would work. I made my way to the register and on my way home to get some organizing done.

Quickly I put it together and hung it on my closet rack. It looked amazing!!

Until I began putting items inside. 
I was quickly disappointed when everything slouched over. I tried coming up with ways in which I could enforce the support on the bottom shelfs but nothing seemed reasonable enough to allow for more support.  Anything I added on these shelfs was too heavy and quickly began bending and slouching the shelfs. This item is a waste of money and is almost impossible to use without having anything slouch inside the shelves. The advertisement on this item is completely false and photoshopped. These shelves can't hold a t-shirt without slouching or bending under the weight. These shelfs are not strait and firm as is depicted on the item cover-under any weight (unless its a ziplock full of feathers). 

After inspecting the shelfs properly I noticed they all had cardboard inserts. As we all know, cardboard bends and doesn't support much weight--hence major fail.  I quickly gathered my things and returned this item and purchased a cube organizer instead and my closet looks so nicely organized and it's so much better than this Shelf Closet Organizer.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Becoming a Parent

I'm adopting my niece and nephew in 2011. After years and years of trying to convince my brother into allowing me to become guardian to his kids so they can continue their education in the US he finally gave in.

My 2nd to oldest brother Juan moved to Ensenada a few years ago with his family including my nephew Jr. and niece Maritza who are both US Citizens. As much as I love Mexico, I know their education systems are nothing compared to the US. Together my mother and I tried convincing my brother and his wife to allow us to take care of them so they can continue their education here. They constantly refused.

I never gave up.

I got really upset one night and told my brother he should stop being selfish. I told him he should think about his kids and their future and how living with me and their gramma would be beneficial to his children and even him as a parent.  Life in Mexico is not easy. My brother has always been businessman and even though he has 3 business', he still found himself trying to make ends meet.  I finally convinced him that allowing me to take on his kids would help him in releiving some financial burdens. Bringing my niece and nephew to live with me would save him from school fee's, uniforms, books, and many other expenses that US education systems don't require. His wife and he finally realized maybe this wouldn't be such a bad idea. 

I'm quite nervous.  Even though my mother lives with me now, this is my baby. I wanted this. I asked for this. I will be responsible for them.  I know my mother will help me care for them and even discipline them but this is my responsibility. I didn't bring them here so she can take care of them. I will be their legal guardian and I will have to be responsible for their behavior, their grades, their education, and their behavior.

I've always had a great relationship with the two and have always been very strict with them even though I was their tia. My niece is going to be 15 in 2011 and she's the light in my eyes. I have seen her grow and it's so scary to see her so big and becoming a young lady.  She's still a baby to me, and looking back I remember being her age and thinking I was so big and grown. I find myself questioning what happened and how did she grow so fast. I'm so scared for her. I want to protect her and guide her and continue having the beautiful relationship we have. I want her to get good grades and be in sports and I want her to be successfull.

My little nephew Jr is a little devil but I love him. He's such a trouble maker but a good kid none the less. He's a little mexican Denise the Menace and it's so cute, I'm sure he's gonna give me gray hairs to the max!

2011 is defintely going to be something else for me and I can't wait. I'm really looking forward to this new change and responsibility. I want to make my brother proud and I want to open up more opportunities for these kids.

I can't wait to share more about the journey I'm about to begin.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30 Random Facts

I was tagged on Facebook and decided to post here as well.

1.I have this thing for nerds and weirdo's lol

2.I am obsessed with older men (good looking older men that is, dont get it twisted lol)

3.The first thing I did when I got home was kick off my shoes, undo jeans and remove them before I got to the restroom and I'd lounge around in undies and tank all day.I can't do that anymore :( lol

4.I'm always late. For Everything.

5.I've never been in love. Love in my mind, is nothing near what I've experienced. I can't wait to fall in real love.

6.I'm easily infatuated and lose interest rather quickly.

7.Sometimes I'll burp super loud and just say "oopsie" lol

8.Sometimes when I'm tipsy at the club, I just like to kiss hot guys! lol Dont judge me! Idk what it is about the environment, the music, dancing close to each other, ugh just kiss already damnit! lol Not like I'll remember him the net day anyway lol

9.I can do the splits and a natural backbend, too bad I can't do the whole backbend and kick over, that would be cool lol but too much weight down there, and I dont have the upper strength

10.When I was 16, my instructor hit on me. I went on a date with him after I turned 18. He was 33. He was HOT. lol.

11.I know how to cook some bomb ass food, I just dont like to lol

12.When I was in the 4th grade I did a presentation on Whales, I wanted to be an oceanographer. Today, I'd love to join the Steve Irwin on an expedition to Antartica to help save whales and Stop the Yushin Maru and it's fleet.

13.I empathise so easily and unnoticeably that I'll be watching televisioin and suddenly an uncontrollable rush comes over me and I just breakdown in tears, it goes away as soon as I change the channel. Ain't that some shit!

14.I'm scared of babies and kids. I get nervous around them. Maybe because theres not so many kids in my family now, other than then ewest nephews and niece but kids get me nervous when they can't speak, specially when they just stare at you! I feel like I'm looking at the devil! lol J/k ok that was a litttle harsh but some kids can be some evil lil fuckers lol

15.I can't stand women that talk back to their mothers, can't control their children, and allow their kids to talk back to them, cause and throw tantrums in the stores, yelling like they're on fire or dying!

16.I despise girls that have kids all young, talking about how their kid is their life yet they be hoeing around and having their parents watch their kids while they're fuckn around catching STD's and getting PREGO again

17.I roll my eyes at young ass bitches that talk about "they grown ass women" when these dumb ass little 18 y/o girls can't even wipe their ass or do their own laundry properly and talk like they know how life is! bitch please, NO. You have NO idea, wait till ur 24 and see another 18 y/o talk like you do, you'll see how lame you looked.

18.I'm a feminist. Can't stand women who swear their world is over because a guy left them. Bitch move on, theres plenty of fish in the sea, test the waters. Can't stand women that allow men to walk all over them, treat them like dirt and like they're worthless. You are not worthless, you are not trash, he's the scum on the bottom of my shoes for even disrespecting you like that, but you...you, ain't so far from him for even allowing him to treat you that way.

19.The best lessonsI ever had were given to me by my mother. When I was 11, together we packed her old man's shit and left it at the front door. He asked her to allow him to put hands on us to "discipline" us and she's like "kick rocks mofucka" no one lays a hand on my kids but me. I'll never forget that day.

20.When I was 9, I witnessed a man put a knife to the neck of a woman, threatening her, me and and his kids to stay back. I remember not being scared, but just knowing I'd never allow a man to do that to me, and I'd never allow myself to get in a situation like that. And that's when I began despising men who treated women wrongly, and the woman who let them get away with it.

21.That same man, tried molesting me in a pool. Bastard couldn't get away with it, because i followed my instincts and got away each time he got near me till I decided maybe swimming was not such a good idea.

22.The older I get, the more comfortable I become with my body and my sexuality, and the more I look forward to getting older and where my life will be at 35 and how HOT i'm gonna look, probably better, actually, WAY better than today.

23.I dont know if I want to have kids. I think about it and the thought doesnt last too long when I'm already wondering about other things. Dont know if I have that motherly instinct or not, but everyone seems to tell me I'll know when I'm ready and that's when I'll get Prego. Not that I want to get Prego now, hell no, I'll DIE! lol

24.I despise poeple that are extremely judgemental, close minded, and just like to snoop, gossip, and talk shit because their life is so miserable they have nothing else to do.

25. a million identical headshots-NUISANCE (no pun intended as some well a lot of you do this lol)

26.I tend to correct people when they mispell or mispronounce a word, lyrics, or English in general. Some poeple get mad, but the way I see it is I'm hleping you out in preventing you from making a fool of yourself in the future. I'm no expert, but if I know you're saying or spelling it wrong, then I'm gonna let you know.

27.WrItInG LiKe ThIs iS sOooOoOOooO FuCkN AnNoYInG and LaMe! (in my opnion obviously)

28.Meddled by consanguinities at the peak of innocense

29.I've had my luck with cops. @14 I almost ran over a cop and was let go, at 16 I was pulled over under the influence with no license or registration OR insurance and was let go, but at 18 I was actually violated by a dirty cop and been pulled over for speeding and let go. (knocks on wood).

30.I have big dreams and aspirations. The sky is the limit. I want to be a writer/journalist and have my work recognized amongst the best and make people proud of themselves and of me.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Plus Size Pinup Inspired Outfit

One of my favorite outfits. I love the sexy and conservative look this outfit offers. Very versatile, sexy, and edgy. I used two pieces. A red polka dot top corset front closure from Torrid with lace trimmings and a high waisted pencil skirt I picked up at my local mall.  This outfit can be transformed in so many ways just by switching up the top.

And here's my personal mini photoshoot. I added my favorite pics, I know it's a picture heavy post, but I had so many I loved! lol Enjoy!

Steve Madden Pumps

A litte cleavage goes a long way. It's a good idea to leave room for the imagination and not have it all hang out.