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Monday, June 18, 2012

China Glaze Naked

Naked - China Glaze
I wore this polish last week and I didn't like it. In fact I couldn't wait to take it off and use a different color.  The color itself is beautiful in the bottle, but I felt it was too much like Barbie's lipstick pink for my taste and that it didn't compliment my skin tone very well, but that's just my take on it.  I think it looks better on toes, and the sparkles/reflects in it are dazzling :) That I can't complain about.  The polish goes on strong and 2 coats will give you the true color, it dries fast, and doesn't chip for days.

Dresses from Burlington's

We went to Burlington's this Friday and I picked up two dresses.  I love wearing dresses now that I'm towards the end of my pregnancy because they make me feel really comfortable and they are the only thing that I feel really showcase my pregnancy and my baby bump. 

I've always wanted a white dress so I can wear my turquoise necklace with and this dress was perfect.  I got an amazing deal on it too! It was only $16.99 compared to $32 at original price. 

I love that this dress is very versatile, you can dress it up or down.  I only wore the red heels for the sake of the picture, but I love that I can wear this dress this way after I give birth too. I ended up wearing red flats instead because hardly any of my heels actually fit the way they should.  My feel swell up so bad they look like toads sometimes! I have to admit I dont like the look as much with flats as I do with heels, but its what was most comfy and that's pretty much more important at this point in my pregnancy :)

The 2nd dress was not so cheap, but still a good bargain compared to the original price.  I think it's probably the most expensive item I've bought upto date for my wardrobe.  It's a Calvin Klein Maxi dress that originally retailed at $129.99 and I got it for $49.99, so I saved more than 50%. and that made it worth it, plus it's SUPER super comfy!  It kept me cool all Sunday when the heat was blazing hot and I just want to be in it all the time.

I dressed it up with a vest and removed the rope tie it came with.  I paired it with some black thong sandals and a long gun metal chain necklace and watch for added accessories.  We went to Dave & Busters on Sunday and it was HOT! Lucky for me I was kept cool in this dress and I was one happy comfy camper throughout the day.

Monday, June 11, 2012

34 1/2 Weeks & Family BBQ

34 1/2 Weeks, carrying my nephew Sai Sai
 I'm 2 days shy of 35 weeks, and my baby is starting to drop.  I'm constantly running to the bathroom to empty my bladder! Sometimes I pee my pants cuz I don't make it on time or because a tinkle a little right before I sit on the toilet lol.

Went to LA this weekend to take my mom, niece, and nephew to my brothers house whom is taking them to Ensenada, Baja Mexico on Sunday to visit their parents for Summer vacation.  My mom is flying out to Michuoacan MX, on Wednesday to visit my grandparents and hopefully will be back before I go into labor.  She's due back around the 4th of July, but won't be back at our house till the 9th or so.  I'm nervous and scared she wont make it back for my delivery and it means so much for me that she is there.

Anyway, it was extremely hot on Friday and Saturday in LA! We went swimming at the pool in my brothers neighborhood complex, it was so refreshing and fun! The kids had a great time and it was almost near impossible getting them to get out so we can head home, shower and prepare for the Pacquiao/Bradley fight.

My brother invited some friends over and we all had a wonderful time BBQ'n, chit chatting, and enjoying the family's company.  The fight however, was quite a shock! Like any who watched, we all can agree Pacquiao clearly won but the decision was in Bradley's favor...I'd be ashamed of winning a fight like that but oh well...Pacquiao is still the champ in my eyes and in my heart and that's all that matters.