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Monday, May 17, 2010

Wonder Girls - 2 Different Tears

So who are the Wonder Girls? The Wonder Girls are a group of 5 young, beautiful, and very talented  ladies from South Korea.  They rock a ton of styles, one of my favorites being a modern look of the 70's and their music is pretty neat. They began marketing their music in the US last year in 2009 with a single called "Nobody". This single made the Billboard Hot 100 list, making them the first Korean group to make the list.

The group itself has had it's share of replacing members. Some due to illness, others due to changes in careers. Nonetheless, the group continues to strive forward in making it big in the US. 

I first listened to their song "2 Different Tears" last night while I was playing Tap Tap Revenge on my iPhone. I have to admit the song isgreat and it has a catchy beat.  To any girl who has been through the boy drama and often finds herself questioning "should I stay, should I leave" then this song can defintely become one of your favorites.

The song itself describes a girl who has a love/hate relationship with a boy who has put her through love/hate situations and she's reflectiving whether or not she wants to continue moving forward with this boy despite all the things he's put her through and she finds herself contradicting herself crying over this boy yet still wondering why she wants to continue seeing him because the pain wasn't so bad and what not.

Their single "Nobody" is prettey self explanatory. They are talking about the love for a boy and how they want "nobody" but him.  It's very repetitive and theres not much to the song. Their song "2 Different Tears" seems like it may have more success over "Nobody."

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