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Monday, May 31, 2010

The Weightloss Battle

If you're a big girl like me, then chances are at one point or another you've tried to lose weight. Everyone's success rate when it comes to weight loss is different and along our journey to lose the weight we have our ups and downs.

My biggest problem when it came to weight loss was just keeping the weight off. I've found it fairly easy to lose weight. It's a matter of making smarter choices, increasing your water intake, eating more fruits and veggies and just trying to keep a more active lifestyle. These types of choices were not too difficult for me to make, the biggest problem was again, keeping the weight off.

Each time I noticed the numbers on the scale go down, I'd become extremely excited! And slowly, I'd start creeping junk food into my diet. I'd tell myself "I've been doing so good, a little ice cream can't do any harm" and then I'd find myself saying "okay, just a little more" and then it would go as far as me saying "I'll start fresh tomorrow" and well...it goes on and on.

Then I'd find myself at square one, or even past it. I'd start my diet all over again, lose some weight, become excited and continue with my bad habits of eating and slowly incorporating the junk back into my diet.

So I know I can lose the weight, my battle with weight loss is dropping the bad habit of cheating myself of being able to eat junk again without letting me gain the weight back.

Overall today, my goal isn't to lose weight anymore but to just make smarter eating choices. I eat less but of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I want, I pack my lunch for work and stopped buying fast food, I buy fresh vegetables and fruits weekly and snack on them through out the day and I only drink water (unless we have family get togethers or fun with friends) then I'll have a soda or a drink.

I've noticed I've lost a few pounds and to my surprise I've kept of the weight and I haven't even been trying which makes me feel that much better about myself.

Today my outlook on weight loss is this: If I lose weight then great! But if I don't and I stay at the size I am, then great too! I'm not going to stress and beat myself up and bring myself down each time I fail which will only make me go on a binge and i'll end up gaining weight.

I guess my point here is be happy with what you have! Don't let losing weight determine how happy you will be because if you fail you will be hard on yourself and it really sucks! Be happy with who you are today, and if you lose the weight that you so desire to lose than that will be a bigger boost to your self esteem :)

What are some of your battles with weight loss? Do share!



excellent description of the battle with wt loss..it is hard but if you eat less,intake water and maintain active like youve mentioned it ur on the right path. u look like a torrid model on that pic ..thumbs up

Mayra said...

Thank you Cely, that was a very nice compliment! I wish I was a model shit, that would be awesome! lol

LovelyKorita said...

That's exactly how I feel! Since my mom died, I've been eating for emotional comfort and it has gotten out of control =/