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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hey world,

I've been MIA for quite some time now.  My last post was sometime in April or May and we're just about halfways through June.  Time has been flying, where does it go??

I've been busy with life.  I've been going out, having fun, and concentrating on school.  I didn't do so good this last Spring semester but I'm looking forward to the Summer and Fall semesters coming up.  I can't beleive it's going to be my 2nd consecutive year in school without dropping out.  I've been in and out of college since 05.  I could have been done a long time ago but the job is getting done now and no regrets. 

I'll be turning a quarter century in 46 Days!

I'm trying to get in shape for my b-day.  Some of the things I'm doing are the Insanity workouts. OMG, they are kicking my ass and I'm doing a half ass job because I'm so out of shape it's impossible to do everything the way it should but I try.  I'm sweating bullets within 10 minutes and I'm doing some insane out of this world workouts I would never have done on my own.  The first week, (actually first 3 days) my body was sore all over.  Everything hurt.  It hurt to breathe, to walk, to sit on the toilet even, but it was that feel good pain.  The kind of pain you love to hate because you know it feels awful but it does you so good.

My first trip following my 25th b-day I'll be visiting Vegas again for a weekend.  I'll be celebrating in San Francisco along with friends as well the night of. I'm pretty excited and can't wait.  It's going by so quickly.  I just look forward to 30 and where I'll be then.  I've come a long ways till now, so I can only expect to move further and climb higher.

Since my last post, I've been to Vegas, been to my first Laker Game (which they lost), been to my 2nd Baseball game, been a strait up Video Geek playing non stop video games with my little cousin, bought my ass a bike to ride and get more outdoor fresh air and good healthy workout, signed up and paid for a scuba diving certification class that I will take this summer once this crazy weather straitens out and actually warms up, signed up and paid for kayak lessons, and been a lot more independant about getting out without feeling I need to have someone with me.

I've fallen behind on shopping, I feel like my wardrobe is way outdated but i'm in no rush of buying new clothes or shopping for shoes (heels). I've been going to the movies a lot...I've watched First Class, The New Pirates movie...and I been going to Dave and Busters quite a lot.

In regards to the love life...

The "Booty Turned Boyfriend" is a no more. I've cut that "relationship" loose a long time ago. I think that title just messed everything up for me when it was all fine in the beginning. Today he's no longer a booty, but just a friend and a friend I've preferred to keep distance from because quite frankly I'm over it.  Took me long enough...almost 2 years. Then I was talking to this other dude, but I was just not interested so that was a fail before anything even started lol. And then there's this other guy which I really love. He's awesome, fun, sweet, and down to earth, and cute :) BUT I'm just not that into him.

So yea...that's my life since my last post...

I started taking some vitamins I bought yesterday from Costco, called "hair, skin, & nails" we'll see what results those bring...and I def have a lot of plans for my b-day :) I'm talking about total makeover...a different look and a whole lot of change :) We'll see how that goes too

Till the next post...


LaJLuna said...

Aww girl I am so excited for you..your birthday is going to be so much fun. I have been wondering how you been since you been MIA..But I am very happy that things are well and that YOUR BACK!! XOXO

inlove0395 said...

I am glad to hear from you, we have been missing you especially on youtube, please let us hear from you more often :) Take care girl!

ThicknGorgeouz said...

Thanks Jasmin, I'm excited too and I'm glad to be back :) @inlove...I'll def keep you all more posted, I missed everyone and my readers and viewers :)