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Friday, April 22, 2011

Getting to Vegas

So the plan was to leave at 9am. It's now 10:52 and were just heading out to Manuel's house who lives 30 minutes south from where I live.

I picked up Jose and took him to my house from which he and I were picked up from. I've known Jose and Manuel for almost 8 years now. I met them back in school when I was 16 and we've all stayed in touch since we Meg up again about 2 years ago.

This is the first time I'm taking a trip with these two. Ive had drunken nights with them both but that's something else considering we all knew each other and I was In my comfort zone.

This weekend However is different! I'm currently riding down south 101 with 3 strangers and it feels awkward. I'm riding with Manuel's gf, gf's sister n brother, Jose n myself. I'm listening to "All of the lights" And that's exactly what I want to happen. Turn off all the lights and be in a dark quiet room. I'm nervous, scared, and anxious all at once. Once we get to Manuel's house well be switching up cars and I'm dreading where I'll be an who I'll be riding with. I'm hoping I could ride with Manuel and Jose both because I'd be the mist comfortable but well see what happens.

Right now I want to quit. I want to turn around and go back and be in the comfort of my house but I have to go through with this. Im scared because it's different and because Im stepping into an unknown area and away from what I'm used to and what I can predict with happen.

I don't have none if that right now and it's quite scary but if I don't do this and take this chance then I'll never experience anything. I really want to have fun but I'm still scared.

I really don't know what to expect. I don't know how the rest of the crew is and how they will like me or how well get along! I really don't care what ppl think of me whether they like me or not but at least I have the option of removing myself or avoiding awkward situations-something I don't have this weekend.

let's just hope all my fear and anxiety is just that...anxiety. I'm gonna make the best of this trip. I'll be back later with n update!

Wish me luck!


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gyslian said...

Hope u8 have a great trip.. Nd that everything turn out Fine..