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Monday, August 8, 2011

Red Roses

Hey World!

What do red roses symbolize for you? For most, red roses would symbolize love and affection. Although I must agree this is the generalized characterization for red roses, my experience with them hasn't been the same.  My experience with red roses hasn't been the best and that has tarnished the way I feel about receving them.

My boyfriend Victor and I went dancing this weekend and while out he wanted to buy me some red roses.  I asked him not to because they were unnecessary.  He couldn't comprehend why I felt this way.  I explained to him that I did not need roses as a symbol of his love for me because his actions already said so. I also told him I rather be surprised with roses and receive them when they come from the heart not because I'm trying to be convinced of something.

I know they say it's not good to compare one relationship to another, but I feel I must for the sake of this example.  My previous relationship Roger, only gave me roses after our relationship had withered.  In the the three and a half years we spent together, Roger never in the time we were together gave me roses.  When he gave me roses at the end of our relationship I admit that a slight grudge against roses grew inside of me and towards Roger.  To me, receiving roses from him after our relationship had crumbled only symbolized that he was trying to mask the troubles with this sign of love and affection as if receiving red roses would make all our troubles go away.  They did not. Those roses only became a reminder of why our relationship did not work.

When Victor and I were togehter 5 years ago, receiving roses was a whole different story.  Victor lavished me with them, and I knew they truly symbolized what he felt at the time.  Today I don't find it necessary for him spending up towards one hundred dollars for a dozen or two of roses.  I know that he loves me and that's all I need.  I don't need something material to characterize it for me because his actions truly say it all for me.

Even though I did not allow him to buy me roses that night, I knew his intentions were pure and it made me happy that he understood and accepted my reasoning and in return gave me a smile instead. 

Red roses truly are a symbol of love and romance, of devotion and care, but when you receive them under the wrong circumstances, it is easy to become dissillusioned with what they truly symbolize.

Have you ever receieved roses under the wrong circumstances?

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