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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Rainbow at the End of a Storm

2 Months! It's been two months since my last post and have I been on and off one of the craziest rides in my life.  On August 31st I was robbed! My laptop stolen along with my college books and I felt as though my life was ripped from me.  I was super bummed.

My niece and nephew have been living with me since the beginning of August and it's been one hell of a ride.  My nice just turned 15 last Friday and I did her makeup! She looked like a princess and I took lots of pictures of her.

My nephew and niece have been really good and have been doing great in school. Maritza got 2 B's, 2A's, and a C. In my opinion thats excellent! She's to turn that C into a B by the end of her Freshman year.  She's in swimming and thespian club (Theatre), and Japan club which will take her to Japan by next Summer.

Juanito has been a little pulgita as my mom likes to call him (Flea). He's a little monkey in my eyes but he's doing very good as well.  He clearly understands English but his trouble comes when he has to speak and write it as he didn't practice it in Mexico but watching nothing but English cartoons hence why he lacks reading/literary comprehension.  He's been reading (not by choice) as I have to practically force him to sit down and read for about 30 minutes a day. He's truly a bright kid it's just getting him to sit down and do the work is the trouble but he does it nonetheless.  Once he's doing his work he makes it a challenge which is great because he doesn't feel like it's a duty and gets into it trying to perfect his math skills or reading comprehension. 

As for me, I'm taking phychology of human relations, intermediate algebra, and English 2 this semester. I'm loving all my classes.  I really enjoy  my Phychology and English class the most, but can't complain much about math either. Mr. Sword is an amazing teacher with lots of patience. And patience is what I need!

My boyfriend and I have been doing amazing.  He bought me a new macbook last night because he wanted me to be happy again or at least a little less stressed.  He is so good to me; treats me like royalty. Nothing less than what I deserve.  Although I've got a replaced MacBook I will never get back all those treasures I had on my old one :( .  Now I know to get a tracking app on my new Mac and also a backup drive just incase.  I am now able to do notes on my laptop as opposed to doing them by hand which can take me forever and a day and I can get back to doing some blogging and video making.  I stopped making videos because I didn't have anything to dowlload the media into or anything to edit the movies in, so no point.

I'll also be having another blog sale or YT sale. I'm getting rid of all my shoes, boots, and clothes that I no longer fit into :(  I've gained all my weight back and then some but it's all good. I'm happy and that's what counts.  I keep telling myself I'll start eating healthy tomorrow, but then tomorrow comes and it says the same about the next day lol. I'm not going to start eating or losing weight until I'm completely ready so I can commit because this losing and gaining of 5-10 lbs here and there is not good for my body or me.

Anyway, that's it for now...I'll catch up later...

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abbybaby209 said...

Its good to hear from you girl! I wish you all the happiness in the world! :)