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Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's been seven months since her breakup. She's never felt so happy. Some say she's a love vagabond, seems like she just can't stay single for long. When she commits, she gives her all. And what has that given her in return? Nothing but failed relationships. This time she said she'd do everything differetnly and shes kept her word. Alexa is her name. Her best friend calls her a heartbreaker, some would say she's a female casanova. She is neither. She doesn't pride herself from broken hearts, nor does she intend to break them. Alexa has simply reached a point where her focus isn't love, it's fun and adventure, lust and romance. Alexa beelives something is wrong with her as she reaches a point where she no longer becomes interested in her lovers and leaves them.  Her best friend teases her that she's like a guy who "loves em and leaves em."

Regardless of what anyone thinks or says, Alexa is strait forward, has direction, and love is the last thing on her mind. She's been in long term relationships for the past 5 years, its about time she focused onherself and did as she pleased and desired with whom she desired, when she desired.

Here are her stories...

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