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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Living Life

Wow, it's been that long? I can't beleive my last post was in August/September...anyway, I'll pick up where I left off....

So I finally managed to break things off with my exboyfriend and life couldn't be any better for me! Living on my own has been great. I did have a few struggles along the way but I'm still doing it all on my own. I've started school again and I have never looked at my future any more positive than I do today. I have so many goals and ambitions so many things I need to tackle and accomplish. I'm finally making way for the path I plan to walk and it's just getting better and better.

Living on my own couldn't be greater. I'm doing what I want, when I want, who I want, and at anytime, anyplace...with no boundaries, no curphews, no one who to explain anything to but myself! I've never felt so happy in my life.

I've always been the type to be in relationships but since I've had 2 failed relationships I figured I do myself and just play the game and have fun and enjoy myself. For the first time I can defintely say I do not plan to, wish to, or have any desire to get into a relationship! I want no commitment, no ties, nobody to hold me back from anything I want to do!

Since my breakup with Roger, I've had my little love adventures which I plan do dish out soon...I've had friends with benefits and I've learned to see life from a different perspective! My perspective! I do as I want, with no a care in the world. I dont care what people say or what they can possibly think about the actions I take, because in the end, it's my life i'm living and I'm the one who has to walk in my shoes, so just kick back and enjoy the ride with me...and live my adventure.

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