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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vujajic Sprains Left Ankle

Just when I was starting to come around Sasha, he sprains his ankle! I've been watching Sasha for a while now and he never seemed appealing to me as a player. Lately he's been stepping his game up and really putting it down on the court, specially Tuesday night's win over the Sacramento Kings. He reached a season high 13 points and 6 rebounds.

I've noticed he's chasing players all over the floor, he's a fast fella! (I'd say 'lil', but its' obvious he's not little at all) I also had a feeling he'd end up hurting himself too with him scrambling all over the court the way he does! And I can only imagine what he's feeling right now! For a player to come off the bench the way he did, impressing his viewers with his game and later get injured and have no other choice but to sitback and wait, it must be terrible. Sasha has brought game and surprised me in many ways by improving his shots and just being at the right spot and the right time, but he wasn't too fortunate last night when he sprained his ankle!

We can only wish him the best and hope he can come back soon and take part of the playoffs. For the time being, no fractures occurred and an MRI is scheduled sometime this morning which will give us a better insight on his injury and some insight for a possible return.

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