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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Outfit

I wore this black jumper I purchased from Torrid. It was perfect for the weather as it was really hot! It's a really nice and simple jumper with some cute detailing on the front. It buttons up and has a zipper on the fly. You can tie at the waist for a loose or snug fit and it's very comfortable. Doesn't ride up but can be a bit of a pain when you need to go potty and fast! Overall, the fit is very very comfortable. I used some black sandals with a small heel to dress it up a bit but it can easily match up with some cute sandals or wedges or thongs.

I aslo love this jumper because it gives you a sassy and sexy look while still being conservative. You're boobs or ass isn't falling out of this cute jumper which makes it all the more comfortable.

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