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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weighloss Update

I started my "weighloss" journey on Monday. I can't say it's an actual "journey" as I'm not on a specific diet or taking desperate measures. I'm simply avoiding the love of my life and my worst enemy all together: ice cream.

I have been eating better too. I've learned over the years that it's all about making better and smarter food choices. This week so far, I've had one soda and have been drinking a lot more water. I'm drinking at least 2 of these a day which account for at least 8 glasses a water a day.

I'm eating less tortillas, packing luch as usual and eating more fruits and salads.  I havn't completely cut out my mom's food because it's so irresistibly delicious but I have cut back on the tortillas.  I only pack three for lunch.  When I'm at home I tend to eat 5-6 tortillas with each sitting, possibly more.  While three tortillas may still be too much, it beats five to six tortillas each sitting two to three times a day, so I must say I'm doing pretty damn good.

Monday wasn't so good though I must say.  I started the day off very good, but towards the end of the day I was craving a frappuciino so bad that I opted for a Frappe from Mc'Donalds.  I drank one right before class on Monday and didn't have dinner, just a glass of milk and some calabasa my mom made in dulce.

Tuesday, I did the same. Had some fruit throughout the morning, had lunch, and snacked on a banana later in the evening before class and didn't eat passed 6pm.

Today, there are three muffins that keep eye balling me each time I'm on my way to the bathroom. They're just sitting there calling my name. I'm doing my best to think they're some evil muffins that just want to corrupt me! lol.  So far I'm doing good ignoring them, they can be really loud!! I know they hear me talking about them, evil bastards, why do they have to be so yummy :(

Why do we have to crave everything when we're trying so hard to be good?? I often wonder and analyze my eating habits and behavior and notice when I'm not "dieting" or "watching what I eat" I go on about my day not craving things, I just eat to eat, not so much because I'm hungy. Now that I'm trying to watch my weight I want it all but the satisfaction will only lead to guilt later. No thanks.

Anyway, I'll be getting on the scale by the end of the week! I hope it gives me good news :)


LovelyKorita said...

Good girl! Start off slow otherwise you tend to give up faster! Girl I weighed myself yesterday WITH CLOTHES lol and with my heavy ass winter boots and I had lost a total of 13lbs...so si le quitas la ropa it should be anywhere around 15-17lbs lol. (yes, girl I weighed my boots on their own and they were 2lbs! lmao) I have to get back on track as soon as im done with this cough tho si no, imma gain it all back

Ponchie81 said...

I"m on the same boat!!! ughhh.. what funny is that I just didn't feel like cooking and then everyone for some reason starts to make cookies and pies and cakes, then on top of that ppl just want to feed you the worst shit!! Its like dam it why didn't you do this when I wasn't on the freaking diet!! ughhh lol.. I'm doing the water thing too!! I just hate running to bathroom all the dam time :/ GOODLUCK ! :)

ThicknGorgeouz said...

@Liz lmao 2lb boots!! dang!!! I always weight myself naked! lol it releives my conscience and I am happy to report I am 3 lbs lighter!!! woop woop!!
@Ponchie81 yes I know exactly what you mean! This week at work of all weeks they decided to buy platters of cookies and bring Pizza in!! I'm like are you kidding me!! lol I dont like runnin back n forth to the bathroom either but I like to notice when my urine is clear cuz that means I've flushed my body of toxins that stay in ur urine :) Keep it up, we're all on it together and as long as we stay focued we will do it :)