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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Stranger

Well Hello Hello!

A full week has passed since my last post. So much has happened since last wednesday when I felt at another low point in my life over some stupid boy...or maybe it wasn't the boy that was the problem it was me for allowing the idiot to ruin my days. The good thing is that I've put an ultimate end to that and since the guy knows how to be polite and respectful I've asked him to stay out of my life for good! And it's been good, and I'm so much better now and refuse and will not fall back into that mess again!

Anyway, a whole lot has been going on since last Wednesday. I had a four day weekend from work and did a whole lot of shopping! 

First I placed an order online with Torrid since they were having a really good sale and my package finally came in yesterday after what seem to take forever. I wasn't as fortunate as some you girls, whom I wont mention any names Liz or Crystal who happen to live around the corner from Torrid HQ lol oops, did I just mention names? It slipped lol

I ripped open my package last night and my mom was laying on the couch saying "que ordenaste ahora!" as if I hadn't already purchased enough over the weekend. I then told her "pero madre, eran unas ofertas buenisimas, tenia que aprovechar"  translation: "but mother, there was an awesome sale! I just had to take advantage!"  to  which she responds by saying "overas, es lo que me cuentas"  translation: "yea yea that's what you tell me"  lol I do have to admit I am guilty of giving her a white lie here and there when I've purchased things before but for the most part, everything I buy is always a good deal!

Anyway, my mother and I went shopping on Sunday which was awesome.  It's rare we actually get out doors cuz we're both home bodies and just love staying inside watching movies or eating lol.  After a day of shopping I took her to Olive Garden and had dinner there and finished just in time to come home and watch the novelas.  It was a pretty amazing weekend and I enjoyed it very much.

Now I'm only 2 weeks away from my trip to Puerto Rico and I'm super ecstatic about that as well! And how can I forget to mention I've purchased my dream camera! I've been reading the manual to get the jist of it and familiarize myelf with it and learn to navigate through it with ease and I have so many ideas and plans that revolve around this camera but I'll post more about that in due time.

For now, I'll close it here. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and short week! My weekend is a day away! Oh yea! ;)

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