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Monday, February 7, 2011

Must Lose 15 Lbs in 1 Month!

Pretty drastic right??

Well...I'm hoping I can lose at least 15 pounds before my trip coming up in March!

I feel bad cuz I gained back all the damn weight I lost last year. I was doing so well but nooooo, I had to eat ice cream like a damn whore on crack! Okay, pretty drastic comparison but I was eating ice cream A LOT!

Once I noticed I was gaining weight I decided I needed to stop.

Funny how all of a sudden it just creeps on you.

I had been eating ice cream for a while and suddenly I noticed my arms got bigger and my waist started disapearring.

Now my roll hangs over my jeans once again! I really liked how my jeans used to slip off my waist! Oh no, not anymore, motha effers are holding on too tight now! lol.

So my journey to lose weight begins today because I cheated over the weekend and finished some ice cream we had in the freezer. I told the lady (my mom) that she coudn't and wasn't allowed to buy anymore ice cream! lol She too is trying to lose weight because we wouldn't always eat ice cream together, but I'd always eat more than her. 

So far, I've had 16 oz. of water, and a super fresh crisp apple and a cup of coffee. Coffee and water combined has driven me crazy just making runs to the rest room. For lunch, I will be having some arroz con pollo en chile verde. I'm sorry, I can't resist my mom's mexican food so I figured I'll eat early, and I'll just have a salad, some jello, and fruit througout the rest of the evening and plenty of water and I  need to start excercising! That's the hardest part. I'm just going to  dance for 30 minutes once I get home. That's excercise and I can sweat, specially when I try to "get low" or try to "make the booty pop" that makes my thighs burn like a motha!  I dont consider myself a great dancer but I try to mimic movements I see and omg it's a pain in the ass literally! I dont have that much strenth on my lower body! Anyway, as long as I break a sweat and get this body moving for 30 minutes I should be okay right??

We will see! For now, I'm going to keep this positive attitude I have about losing some Lbs and just keep myself motivated. I'm hoping if I continue blogging and speaking on it in my YT videos, then I will be forced to follow through and keep at it. That way I can have my girls check my ass too! That always seems to help :)


LovelyKorita said...

lol@ ate ice cream like a crack whore on crack! lol estas loca pero que bueno que ya dejaste el vicio (la nieve!) LOL keep us updated on the weight loss!

I've lost 13lbs but I probably gained them all back this wknd alone lol oh well, once I get better, the mission starts over lol

CHarmonee said...

Good luck with the weight loss!!...

I'm in the same boat but I have a lot more I want to lose.


elyane said...

I just joined the gym with the hubby and I am hopping to loose also. I usually do a few steps that are on the right track then I slip up with my old friend the ice cream!!grrr

G said...

you can do it girl:) im on week 6..dont believe in weighing myself, i go by inches!! can tell a difference in the clothes! do 30 min every day or every other day and u will be good!