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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Beginnings?

Can't beleive my last post was on June 18th of 2012. 

Just to recap...I've become a mother to a beautiful baby girl named Eva. I named her after my mother whom I adore and respect with everything I know.  I gave birth on July 18th, 2012 @ 4:51pm after 33 hours and 51 minutes of labor! I'll write a separate post on my birth story later. She just turned 6 months last Thursday and she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen and her beauty flourishes more with each passing day. You can see her here.

I am working, took a year off school and will start up again in the Fall once my baby is able to walk.  I have become quite the crafter! I love to sew and take photographs.  I do mini photoshoots with my baby any chance I get and take my camera everywhere we go.  Motherhood has changed me!  I learned that no matter how much planning (or unplanning) goes into a pregnancy, you are never quite ready to become a mother. You are not given a handbook or instructions along with the birth of your baby; most of it comes naturally and is quite instictive.

Of course, with the beauty of motherhood comes the horror of the inevitable...the babyweight that stays on far after your baby arrives.  I'm currently at my heaviest! Right after giving birth I lost weight...more than I began with in the first place but didn't last long befor the pounds came piling on.

That led me to join weight watchers! Yup...I joined. And it's been ok...for being my first week but I have to admit I'm not being as strict with myself as I know I should be and I find myself breaking the rules and making excuses for myself to eat badly.  I can't help it...I tell myself i'm doing good...one little It's It...won't do no harm...then I have another. Shame!

I'm not going to lie...I want Jennifer Hudson's body! If I can compare my body now to someone's it would be Jennifer Hudson's body BEFORE she lost all the weight.  Girl had an amazing body when she was full figured...she's got the ass and boobies and the waist underneath all that weight and so do I so I have a visual idea of what my body could potentially look like if I lose some weight.  Will I get to her weight now? I doubt it...I'm just looking to get back to where I was 2 years ago...at a comfortable size 14! I was happy at that size and felt great too.

So far I have to say that the process seems easy and straight forward it's just following and keeping tabs on yourself where it gets a little difficult.

We moved too...new apartment for the new year and new environment for my baby! Our old apartment was very dark and dingy and lots of dust! I felt it was not a safe and healthy environment to raise a new born so I found a place with lots of windows, natural light, and a gym! But do I use the gym you ask...not yet.  We even have a pool at the apartment community we live in, and a tennis court...havn't got to those yet but plan to.  I know swimming is a great workout and I plan on getting started soon...don't know when exactly but soon none the less. 

Since starting weight watchers I am more aware of proteins, carbs, fat, and just reading a label...it's amazing how many changes you naturally make just by becoming familiar and understanding of that nuturition label...I'm more aware of portion sizes. I mean for every bag of potato chips there is 3 serving sizes...not eat-one-bag-at-a-time kinda deal. That's triple the amount of fat, carbs, and all that other nutrition label goodness in a sitting...like I said...I'm more aware of these things now where as before I never bothered to look at the nutritional contents of my food, snacks, and junk all together.

I wanna lose weight for a few reasons. One because I want a change of lifestyle...I want to bring up my baby healthily and I want to be a role model for her. With what face can I tell her someday not to eat hot cheetos, snickers, donuts, and all this other empty calorie foods when she see's mommy stuffing her face with them herself?

I will tell you something...it's becoming a challenge with my honey not really into portions or dieting all together! He's a beast at the table...if there's no tortilla's he'll eat bread slices like they're tortillas...NOT COOL. 

Another reason is for me! I dont want to become a "vieja dejada". A woman that loses herself to her kids and doesn't bother looking great anymore. Does that make sense? It does for me anyway. I know what I'm talking about...

Anyway...I'll leave you with a picture of my motivation. My Evita. My little "Mamash".

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CHarm Ming said...

She's so cute!!!

I'm glad you're back because I've missed your post.

I thought about joining weight watchers but for now I'm just using the "My fitness pal" app on my phone. It helps me count calories and all that good stuff. Plus I'm going to start some Zumba classes. I'm excited.

Good luck on your journey and I'm sure you will do well not only for that cute little girl but for yourself as well.