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Monday, November 8, 2010

Day 08

 Short term goals for this month and why

  1. Organize my room, because it still looks like I just moved in yesterday
  2. No more shopping till Black Friday because I really dont need anything till the winter season begins
  3. Start working out again...because I'm paying for a membership that I'm not even using
  4. Blog more often and get back on my creative writing and short stories because I have been lacking big time!
  5. Make my dental appointment because it's been a whole month overdue and my tooth is hurting :(
  6. Get everything together for Blog/YT/FB sale because I have dropped the ball and need to pick it up again
  7. Prepare for my new contest and have all gifts ready to go for shipping so there wont be a lag time this time around
  8. Finish reading the book you started reading months ago...and begin book reviews on YT or Blogger
  9. Do at least 5 goals from this list

1 comment:

LovelyKorita said...

haha that should have been one of my goals STOP PROCRASTINATING. But I keep up with the blogs...everything else is behind haha...Good goals hope to read more from u!