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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Biggest Impact

This woman is my biggest impact. I am this woman. Literally. I'm her blood, bone and entity. I am her baby. This woman has raised me, has been my friend, my enemy, and my mother all in one. She is beautiful, strong, and an amazing women. A strong successful woman. Many people measure success in different terms. She may not have a degree in college, or have an amazing job, but none the less, raising 5 kids all on her own, is pretty fucking successful to me.  She taught me what being a strong, independent woman should be like. She raised us all on her own, without a man. It's possible, and she's given me a lifelong example that I can never forget. I've become a mold of who she is, was, and will become. She has been the biggest impact on my life from the moment I left her womb and I couldn't be more proud to say she's my mother and I am who I am because of this woman.

A strong, beautiful and independent woman. A successful woman. 

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LovelyKorita said...

This was short and sweet! Love it!