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Thursday, November 11, 2010

& It wasn't meant to be...

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I dont know where to begin with this one. It was around 9pm and my friend Manuel called me and asked me to join him for a drink at Chillis. He picked me up around 9:45.  We got to chillis around 10pm. I remember thinking on my way to Chillis "what if". What if I meet him there, you know the parole officer. Then I said "psh, yea right, he's probably passed out by now". Anyway...those were the thoughts that ran through my mind. Next thing I know, we arrive, we walk in and get a table on the  bar side of Chillis.

So there we were, chit chatting as I tweeted and continued the conversation. There was a very loud group off to my right, Manuel was in front of me and my back was towards the main entrance. I remember chit chatting about how well the Mixer turned out and how much I admired Manuel that night. I don't normally say nice things to him, we're always bullshitting and talking shit to each other but it's always a bunch of laughs when we hang out. Anyway, I remember being distracted by one of the games as well, or they were running highlights, point is...lots of things were going on.

Manuel and I ended up leaving Chilis around 11:15pm. I remember telling him we were the last people inside, and before we left I remember a group of poeople leaving the restaurants main entrance and I also remember looking out the window and seeing some guy in a white jacket being picked up by another guy that was wearing a Giants jacket or something alike, I remember telling Manuel they were drunk or stumbling all over the place lol.

Anyway, this morning, I'm talking to my PO as I normally do.  I mentioned I had a headhache and he began to say if I had a headache for drinking too much at the Mixer.  He then began to tell me, he didn't plan on doing so, but went out with his cousins and some buddies to chill and have some drinks. I asked him where. He responded with saying Chillis. I was like OMG! I began questioning what time he was there, obviously because of the crazy randome thoughts that ran though my mind the night before and because I was curious to know if we were there at the same time. Well...turns out he left at 11pm. I left the place at 11:15! He was amongst the last group of people to leave!!! Aint' that about a bitch. We were in the same room at the same time and didn't even know it. I remember texting him saying good night around 8:30. He sleeps early because he has a 1.5 hour drive each morning around 5-6 am so therefore the old fart has to call it quits earlier in the evening. I remember texting him and I didn't get a response so I figured he was out cold. Turns out, he sent me a text saying he was at Chillis. A text I never received.

What a bitch! I felt so many things when he said he was there, in the same room at the same time! Specially because of the random thoughts that crossed my mind right before we got there. I swear I said what are the chances of us meeting here! Well the chances were def not good, but dang we were in the same building and we didn't even know it!! I have so many emotions right now that i dont even know how to put into words in order to describe. I was on the barside of Chillis and he was on the far right off of the main entrance and I was off to the left of the main entrance! There were a few instances where I wanted to get up and use the restroom and stupidly decided to hold it in! Had I gotten up to use the restroom, without a doubt we would have spotted each other!! Ai dios mio!! But again, what's meant to be will always find it's way, and it wasn't meant to be last night.

I keep telling myself it wasn't meant to be. And it's true. It wasn't meant to happen like this and I accept that. But just the thought of being in the same place at the same time kills me! He was so close to me, yet so far. Aint that a fuckn bitch! OMG. I just can't beleive it. I'm in awe.

I feel as though each day that passes we become closer and closer and the chances of meeting become more and more likely. I really want nature to take it's course and I want things to naturally fall into place the way god intends them to, but God please hurry! I'm anxious to meet him. 

Just a few weeks ago, we were in the same location as well. He was at a Sports Authority, and I was next door at Barnes&Noble. A few weeks before that, I was at Office Max, right after he had left!! And just last night, we were in the same location at the same time. and how I "magically" appeared before him on Twitter, which he doesn't even know how to use and lead him to my Blog and videos! C'mon now! As he likes to say "I was at the right place at the right time". And it's true... And just today, he says to me that he's going to be in So-Cal for Thanksgiving and guess who's gonna be in So-Cal for thanksgiving too! Yup. You guessed it. Your's Truly. Me. I told him, he should spend tiime with his family as I would do the same, and that he should take me out to one of the many places he said he'd love to take me to in So-Cal, he responded with I'll let you know if it's for sure. I guess it's not set in stone, weather he's going to visit his grandparents in So-Cal or if his Grandparents are coming up north. But the way life goes, I wouldn't be surprised if his abuelos came up North.

I know I'm not tripping out. It really seems as though things are slowly taking their course and I feel like we're a seed that's been planted, our stems have grown, and we're at the peak of blooming. Slowly things are coming together, and what's meant to be will always find it's way .I really can't wait to meet him. It's driving me crazy, but I feel as though it's almost here and I'm trying really hard to be patient because I know this is going to be special :)


LovelyKorita said...

aww hehe no worries! you will meet soon! PS. reading made me feel like a school girl with the butterflies y todo! (like George Lopez would say Y TODO! lmao)

Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

wow ant that something...... I have a strong feeling you too will meet on accident one of these days and it will be so magical I hope so =D

Grace said...

aww mija that is some crazy ass shit damn it i would be feeling mad right now lol pero se te va ser if its meant to be like u said

MD said...

A wonderful story! Romance is so rare these days! I am so happy that you are so happy!! Life gives you so many obstacles and surprises for a reason! Hold on to hope and you will be blessed!