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Monday, November 22, 2010

On A Sunday Afternoon

On my way to Grace' House
 This location is one of my favorite areas to drive through on my way North. I love the feeling of passing this area, it's so calming and beautiful. I was on my way to pick up Grace from YT. We decided to hit up Ross and do a little shopping.

This is what I wore for the night. As you may or may not know, I am a die hard Laker fan and today my team was playing the Golden State Warriors which we seriously beat with an ass kicking score of 115 to 89, giving us our 12th win of the season! I was excited and had to sport my team and show my support.
I'm Wearing:
Authentic Lakers Jersey #17 Andrew Bynum (my boyfriend ^_^)
Purple Long Sleeve Cardigan
Denim Print Leggings
Carmel Toned Mid Calf Boots

Makeup Used:
Kat Von D Palette-True Romance: Sinner, Rad Purple, Leather,
MAC Eyeshadows in: Chrome Yellow, Light Falls,  Shadowy Lady, Deep Truth
MAC Blacktrack Gel Liner
MaryKay Ultimate Mascara

Here are a few items I found at Ross that were a size too damn small and therefore didn't make it into my haul this time around, but I decided to take pictures and share with you all anyway. Had they fit me, they would have defintely made it into my cart and into my closet. Unfortunately, however they were a size too small and therefore no point spending money on something I wont be able to wear and the hell if I'll try and lose weight just to fit into them. I could always find something similar if not better, elsewhere.

Black Leather Jacket by Guess
I've really been into leather lately and am still on the hunt for two more leather jackets. This one,I loved! I want a leather jacket that will be snug and comfortable not too tight and no room to flex. Unfortunately, Large was the last size in it :( 

Turquoise Sweater Coat
   This turquoise sweater coat was really nice as well. I know it looks kinda frumpy in this picture but I didn't bother removing my purple cardigan when I threw this one over but in person it looked a lot cuter and with the right outfit, this sweater can really liven up an outfit and keep you nice and warm.
Must Have: Black and White Button Up Coat
This black and white coat may have passed me up now, but I will be on the hunt for one just like it soon. This is a perfect coat for the upcoming and fast approaching winter time. I plan on finding something like this soon! It's defintely a must have in my closet.

Grace and I

And here's a picture of Grace and I trying on the same coat! We had an amazing time. After shopping we had dinner and did a video together. She also gave me a goodie bag as an early x-mas present and some hand me down tops which I loved! I will post them here later and also update this post this evening with pictures of the items I hauled away last night and possibly even a Haul video for you to see.



Irresistible♥Icing said...

I love the black n white coat. Girl, try Dots. I got 3 coats there last winter for $25 each! I got one similar to the black/white, except it was pink n black. xoxo


Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

Girl that black and white coat is killer lovee it wow looks like you dolls had a blast cant wait to see the haul and girl you are too funny when you said you had to sneak your stuff in so your mom wouldn't see .. I did that with my Loot from Ross on Saturday because my grandma being telling me the same crap about why i need so many clothes and i got shit i don't even were hahahahah too funny

Mayra said...

@Irresistible Icing, girl we have no Dots on the west coast lol @Crys, yes girl I need that coat in my life! lol and I know what u mean about your grandma lol I hear it from my mom all the time lol