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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apple Bottoms - Plus Size Line

The Apple Bottoms clothing line is designed by hip-hop artist Nelly.  It is a  "Apple Bottoms also has a great range of plus size clothing." "Apple Bottoms is a fashion lifestyle brand that caters to trendsetting women of all shapes and sizes. Celebrating and liberating the natural curves of a woman's body is Apple Bottoms' supreme mission."

So, after taking a look at their plus sized collection and "great range" they said to offer, I was quite dissapointed.  As with babyphat, this clothing line isn't really catered toward plus sized woman, they just happen to offer extended sizes.  I didn't feel they had a great range as most styles were very similar and not too many pieces stood out.  The price range on these items is ridiculous! I came across a pair of studded leggins for 50 dollars! Are you kidding me? Unless these leggins do some kind of magic or miracle work I am not going to spend 50 dollars on them!!

So here are a few things that stood out for me and are items I'd defintely wear.
This red top is a Rouched Princess Polo and will cost your wallet (or someone else's) a mere $40.00!
Price range is expensive, so I'd defintely try and find something similar elsewhere for a lower price or wait for this item to go on sale.
This top is perfect for an everyday casual look. The rouching provides a trendy look as oppossed to a regular flat polo top. The short sleeves make it perfect for summer wear and the button up collar offers you the choice of exposing some extra skin and maybe even some cleavage.
 This purple top is a Ruffle Halter Top. Original Price is 54.00 but it is currently on sale for 39.99 with an additioinal 20% off bringing it down to $31.99. Now I dont' know about you, but I'd defintely prefer paying 32 dollars as apoosed to 54.
Anyway, moving forward. I defintely love the ruffled detailing on the plunging V-neck. It's very flattering and will defintely attract attention to this area as oppossed to your midsection (in my case). The color is beautiful (I love purple) and it's great for the summer as well.  You can wear this top with jeans, shorts, capris, or even a mid-thigh skirt on hot days.  This is a top that can be easily dress up or down and can even work for the office with a blazer, jacket or cardigan on top.
If you are not too comfortable exposing your arms or back, you can always wear a cropped bolero to cover your back and shoulders.

This is a Sleeveless Button Up Woven top. This gorgeous top is priced at the ridiculous amount of $62.00! (I know, I know) BUT it's currently on sale for $36.98 with an additional 20% off marking it down to $29.58. So you get 70% off which is a great deal for such an expensive top.  What attracted me to the top was the cinched waist and front pockets. The sleeves are just off the shoulder so it gives broader shoulders some coverage. The top looks very comfortable and accentuates the waist and makes your hips appear curvier making your body appear more slim.

And my final favorite is this Smocked Plaid Gauze Shirt. It's also on sale. Original price is $59.00, on sale for $39.99 with an additional 20% off marking it down to $31.99. This top is very casual yet very trendy and stylish. This is a top you can wear for any occassioin that doesn't require a lot of glam or dressing up or just to hang out. You can pair it up with jeans, skirts, capris, or shorts and you're good to go. Whatever you decide to pair it up with you will look gorgeouz!.
Overall, the plus size selection isn't as great as I had expected but there were quite a few items that stood out and could possibly be incorporated into my wardrobe and style.  I didn't find any dresses that appealed to my taste. I found most dresses to be over the top, for club scene, or not very flattering for my body type. The jeans on the other hand look very HOT and if you have a fuller bottom, these jeans look like they will really emphasize your assets (if you know what I mean lol). The jean selection was defintely better than the top and dress selection. And like the rest of the line, the jeans are fairly expensive, but if you're gonna spend a lot of money, you defintely want to make sure it's a great pair of jeans that will defintely accentuate and emphasize your lower half and make you feel like a million bucks in them! 

I would defintely only shop for sale items as the clothes are extremely expensive!! (for me at least). Depending on your style preferences, Apple Bottoms could be a hit or miss. You may find that it doesn't cater to your style or you may find their plus size collection amazing and love very piece! And if you liked anything you saw here, be sure to check them out quick before their sale ends! It's an additional 20% off on already marked down items! So check them out, you might find something that caters to your style and taste and it might be on sale too!!

If you want to check out their plus size collection, click here. 

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