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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cookie Monster!


So today I had to run some errands for work. I went to our local grocery store to buy sugar and coffee creamer for the employee breakroom.  After I got a basketfull full of creamers and two large bags of sugar for some reason unknown to me, I made my way down the damn cookie isle. As I made my way down the isle I kept telling myself to go strait to the cash register, pay, and get the hell away from that evil temptation.

But NOOOO....

There goes Mayra strait into damnation! The cookie isle!

I had a really big craving for some crispy sausalito milk chocolate macadamia cookies by Pepperidge Farm and well...I got a bag. Each bag contains 8 delicios, chocalately, crispy crunchy cookies and as soon as I got in the car I tore that bag apart and started munching on a cookie.  OMG it was sooooooo delicous.

So as I'm driving back to work I find myself eating another, and then another, and I'm just devouring them!! OMG I binged on the whole dam bag! By the time I got to work I had 2 cookies left!! Well...to make matters worst...I devoured the remaining two cookies in no time! No joke, I became the damn cookie monster in less than 5 minutes! Damn those cookies were delish!

As soon as I made my way out of the car I felt thirsty as hell! And soon after I felt a bit sick and disgusted! Let me just say that I think I killed my taste for Pepperidge Farm cookies.  As I type this, and just thinking of the once delicious tasting crunchy choclately cookie, I feel grossed out and have no interest in putting one in my mouth again! Now this may be a good thing, as I know I won't be eating no damn cookies anytime soon but what the hell am I gonna binge on next??

How come my ass doesn't binge on some damn brocolli or carrots, or anything healthy for that matter! I know why, because it's BORING lol

anyway...that was my OMG episode of the day! lol Luckily I'm at point where I dont let it get to me and I'm able to laugh it off, but it's defintely something I will be on the look out for because it's defintely not healthy and not a good habit to form and let loose.

Have you had any binge episodes in your life?

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