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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Corsets & Sexy Lingerie

Leyla Rose is a professional burlesque dancer from the UK. I have to say she is absolutely amazing and stunning! I love the shape of her body and how sexy she looks in corsets. As a fan of corsets, leg garters, and such I have to say that when you put on one of these corsets you instantly feel amazing! It cinches your waist so nicely you are amazed and you find yourself questioning "wow, my waist is is that small!"

The thing I love about corsets is they just make you look sexy and accentuate your curves without making you look slutty. I love taking pictures and in the past I have taken pictures in the nude and still kept it classy and revealed nothing. Kind of like the picture below.

I love these pictures. They're beautiful, sexy, and classy. It's a beautiful form of art.  I would have never felt the confidence to take pictures of this nature but I have opened up my mind a lot more and slowly eased away from my comfort zone. My ex often told me I was sexy, yet I didn't quite see it. I not only see it today but I also feel it, and I love the feeling it brings. Plus, when you feel sexy, men find you sexy and that's just a major turn on!

My ex of 3 years always insisted I buy corsets and garter belts and thigh high fishnet stockings and I would but I never felt comfortable revealing them in person. I'd always take pictures and send them to him as a treat or as a surprise. He loved it! It's a great way to spice up your relationship and feel sexy all at the same time.

All in all, it's always great to wear sexy lingerie under your clothes even if nobody see's it. The fact that you have something sexy underneath gives you a boost of confidence (or at least in my case it does). And if you have a man at home, I'd strongly recommend you get yourself a corset, some garters, and some fishnets and give your man a sexy surprise! I promise you it will make you feel extremely sexy! If you are like me and don't feel comfortable revealing yourself in a corset for your man, then take some sexy pictures and send them off to him. Keep them tasteful and enough for his imagination to get going! You dont want those pictures coming back and haunting you later, so keep them classy, tasteful, and not toooo revealing.

Thoughts? Leave them below :)

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