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Monday, April 11, 2011

San Francisco Sunday

Sunday Liz and I went up to San Francisco. We were supposed to go to the Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival but we just ended up walking around and sight seeing.  We took the train to avoid a long drive and having to spend a fortune on gas. We walked around a lot and enjoyed the day. 

Looks like we'll be visiting Frisco more often.  Here are a few pictures of my day.

We went to The Palace of Fine Arts just outside the Exploratorium and took some pictures there. The Palace is grand! It's full of beauty and wonder and makes you feel so small.  The environment is beautiful, the scenery is amazing and the sights are just as beautiful.  Swans were laying around, resting, and withing reaching distance lounging and sunbathing.

People were ball room dancing and it was amazing. Couples looked so in love and the energy and vibe of the environment felt wonderful.

After leaving the park, we roamed around Chinatown.

And finally, we took a walk through AT&T park, home to the SF Giants.  It was amazing. You can never get tired of walking around SF because you are distracted by all the beauty that surrounds you. Walking in SF is probably the easiest form of excericse and probably the least boring way to get a nice workout.

I'm looking forward to more days in San Francisco. Next time, Liz and I agreed that bringing a backpack was more convenient. I brought along an extra pair of tennis shoes incase I got tired of wearing my boots but that didn't happen.  Next time I also want to bring my roller blades so I can ride along the streets and enjoy the breeze and kick up the workout.

Thanks for reading, Hope you enjoyed the post.


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LovelyKorita said...

OoO how purdy! I want a camara like urs now lol