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Friday, August 6, 2010

Looking Back

I was going through an old portable hard drive and I found some pictures from previous B-days! Guess it's true what they say...we age like fine wine and get better with time! lol I could honestly say I look my absolute best, I feel most confident, and I love myself like never before! I love my life and all the wonderful people in it! The pictures below were taken on my actual b-day! Look how I've changed, it's amazing!!

24 in 2010

23 in 2009

22 in 2008
I only wore this top on my 22nd b-day because it didn't even fit! And today it fits perfect!

21 in 2007 (this b-day sucked balls lol)

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Truchamp06 said...

Aww look how youve grown, you look grown and sexy now! Get it!