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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet & Greet: PrettyxGirlx81

So I went to Santa Barbara this weekend to meet up with my girl Zonelle from Youtube. Her user name is PrettyxGirlx81 and by god is she beautiful in person! Not only beautiful in person as in looks but she is a beautiful person all together. Super nice, down to earth, easy to talk to, mellow, fun, crazy, funny, and sweet! She's super awesome and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to meet her in person, spend a weekend with her, laugh, talk, drink, party & bullshit! lol

The only downside to meeting her, was neither one of us recorded much. We were too focused on enjoying the day, eating, talking, and just having a good time and getting to know each other.  When we were getting ready for the club, we kept talking about doing an outfit of the night video and we just never got it done :( We were too busy getting pretty and sexy for a girls night out! lol

Anyway, when we made it out to the club, we decided we weren't going to take our cameras because Monica, a friend of hers and designated driver said she'd take the pictures for us so we were all like OKay!! Big mistake! I'm always used to carrying my camera around and neither one of us took it this time. I think that was our biggest regret! We had so much fun that night and we both wished we could have captured so many funny moments! We are defintely going to get together again soon, so we have both agreed we're taking our cameras and we're gonna switch them so we both get random pictures on each of our cameras. The funny thing is that we both have the same identicle camera! How awesome is that lol too funny!!

Anyway, here is a video she posted up and I'm featured at the end, maybe a few seconds at the most and man, do I look mad squeezing that lemon lmao. And I've posted some pictures of the club night that Monica was able to capture that night! I can't wait to meet her again! And I'm looking forward to meeting up with other Youtubers as well. I never thought I'd actually  meet someone, but I've begun to really get to know a few girls and wouldn't mind meeting them down the road sometime. There are defintely some awesome ppl on youtube and it's great to actually meet up and make a friend for life. I had an awesome weekend with Zonelle! Thanks girl! You are awesome, and can't wait to meet up again!! xoxo Mayra

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