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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mike Update...

So...I'm in GREEN and Mike is GREY






So anyway, I have no idea why in the world Mike assumed their would be potential when I clearly stated I only wanted to be friends! Isn't this ridiculous!! I mean he can't even be my "friend" he'll be hurt. How in the world can you determine you like someone before you know them? I'm sorry but that's infatuation. You find someone attractive and then you just imagine your world around them without even knowing what they're like. You can't determine if you like someone until you actually meet them, socialize, and interact; only then can cuz you determine if you really like someone. You can't just look at a person and say "I LIKE YOU" know what I mean? I don't know but Mike is missing out on a good friend. I'm over here telling him I'm willing to look out for him, even told him so over the phone and then he blindsides me with this! it's like wtf?? I thought I made myself clear!! Lesson to be learned! I mean I said no for EVER!  that should have been the biggest sign of all! This goes to women too! If a man is giving you the run around then tell him to kick rocks or just look for someone that is going to show you the same attention you show them. It's not a one way street when it comes to building relationships of any kind, you have to be vibing each other in order for a relationship to build and this goes for friendships as well, Obviously you ain't gonna be friends with someone who you are not vibing with. How do you expect to have potential with someone who has shown no interest in you since day one?  Craziness! His loss, not mine. I didn't even bother responding to his last message.

So Okiny, you guessed it. Mike couldn't be JUST friends :)

I mean geez, if a man tells me he I have no chance with him and yet I like his personality and know he's a good friend, I'm not going to stop talking to him. Yes I will be butt hurt because he didn't like me the way I liked him but geez, I'll get over it eventually and still have a good friend. Maybe I'll stay away and distance myself for a while, but to completely just shut someone out of your life because they dont want the same you do is a little selfish to me. What are your thoughts?

Ever had a similar experience happen to you? Do share :)


Cindy said...

Ugh...its exhausting to just read what he had to say. You are being so clear and he is being so desperate...that's SOOOO unattractive. GROSS!

chantelle said...

omg this has happend to me in the past!! how do some guys move so quickly like that? when they do that it kinda scares me like they seem so Possessive after one day!

Lizzy said...

You are better off without a friend like that Mayra. If he can't be loyal as a friend much less as a husband. He sounds like a big pussy doing the pobrecito act.

Mayra said...

@ Chantelle girl I know what you mean! They seem like softies and teddy bears so nice and cuttly but then they get too attached and possessive and want to plan their whole day around you! it's like Dude, go on about your life and we'll meet inbetween it's not like you have to stop doing ur thing and expect me to be with you 24/7! that's too much!!

@Lizzy girl, he's defintely one big pussy! I have more balls than he does!

Truchamp06 said...

You know what this reminded me of? It’s like this, you were VERY VERY clear from the get go, but in his mind he thought oh well bc she is going to go on a ‘date’ with me that must me she likes me! Clearly that was not the case. CLEARLY you said it numerous times that you were not interested in having a relationship. Furthermore, it shows that he does not respect you. When you tell a man that you want to focus on yourself and your goals, but he continues to pursue you despite what you have stated then there another problem. His lost for not allowing you to be your friend, but quite frankly you don’t need him. You’ve got enough friends out there who respect you and actually listens mamas!

Lisa (IEBITCH) said...

Hell noooo... imagine he would be on stalker status with u if u ever got with him...poppin out behind bushes n shit lol You were straight up from the get lol but poor dude was in his own world making u his wife already...lol thats cold blooded Mayra u "shot him down"hahaha jk his msgs were creeeepy lol u did good girl

Jeannee said...

Sigh. I've been a Mike. Now I know what it looks like on the other side!