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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Movie Night - Lottery Ticket

The girls and I went to the movies last night to watch Lottery Ticket featuring Bow Wow and Ice Cube, Mike Epps and others I can't recall at the moment. I really enjoyed the movie. Bow Wow's first "sex" scene, which wasn't really a sex scene but more like a "love scene" and I thought it was very appropriate and not over the top for his first scene like this. Bow wow is getting FINE let me tell you! lol I remember watching him grow up so to see him in that light is like Oh boy! Lil Bow Wow's all grown now! lol. Anyway, Ice Cube on the other hand! Man! ICe Cube made a GROWN ASS MAN look mighty fine too! lol I'd tap that ass anyday! lmao.

Anywho, overall the movie had real great moral value! It reminds me of some of the things I see on YT with guru's and viewers and subscribers and all that good stuff. I dont want to give away the movie, but if you watch it and you make videos or watch videos on YT you might be able to see the analogy I'm talking about with Lottery Ticket and the whole YT world. Overall, I had a good time, got some good laughs, and walked away with some great moral value and just some more knowledge and wisdom.  A few scenes hit home and reminded me of personal things I myself have experiences so it was also a movie I was able to empathized with.

My outfit for the night was very casual. I threw on a tank I purchased at my local mall in a shop called "Choice Plus." It's very stylish and gives a punk/rock edge to it. It has some black and white photography art on the front and has the workds LOVE LIFE on the the top right breast and lower left corner in Red foiled letters and a big red kiss or lips on the lower right corner as well.

I threw over a cardigan I purchased at Torrid sometime this Spring. I love this cardigan, it's long in the front and short in the back. I love that the front of this cardigan gives you more body and coverage and does a very great job of concealing your side handles, love rolls, mid section and all that good stuff.  The back of the cardigan is a lot shorter in the back but still gives you enough flow so it's not super tight and revealing (well depends how big/small you get it).

I paired the top and cardigan up with some regular black leggings I purchased at Ross for $5 bucks.  I made sure the tank covered up my backside and went passed my thighs so my mid section and behind wound't be all out in the open considering I had leggins on and din't want to reveal too much goodness to this world lol. I then paired up the whole outfit with my Grey boots witch my FB friend Rebecca mentioned they looked like astronaut boots and I couldn't agree less! lol I looked at them and thought, "hmmm...she's right!" lol.  Anyway, I was tired by the time I got home and made a video so I may look tired in my pictures but that didn't hold me back from having fun and getting creative lol.

Hope you enjoy these pictures! xoxo

Sleveless Grey Knit Cardigan - Torrid
Sleveless Graphic Tank - Choice Plus
Black Leggings - Ross
Grey Flat Point Toe Knee High Boots by SODA - Ross 
Heart Chain Necklace - Torrid


Monique said...

Cute!! Love the boots!

Truchamp06 said...

When I grow up.. I wanna be able to pose so elegantly just like you do!! LOL Love the outfit as always. Those kicks are soo spunky! I love it  Punk rock looks goooood on you 

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FashionLuva87 said...

Very cute outfit