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Monday, August 23, 2010

My Date With Mike

 So I had a date with Mike this Sunday. We previously had a date set up for Friday to which I chose Chillis because the environment is more fun and outgoing and chill. Well we ended up rescheduling that date because my dumbass lost (misplaced) my phone and I was going nuts! I literally flipped my house upside down looking for my phone because I could have sworn I last used it inside my room, only to find it under a book on the passenger seat of my car. UGH! Don't you hate when you are desperately looking for something and you just can't find it, and when you least expect it it pops up out of no where! Well let me tell you, I felt like a big ass stamp that read "idiot" was stamped all over my forehead! Anyway, I'm glad my phone wasn't really lost but misplaced instead.

Anyway, so since we had to reschedule the date, this time Mike chose to go to Olive Garden. That's the last place I wanted to go for a date! I dont know why, but Olive Garden to me is just too..."ooey gooey" lol or "romantic" I see Olive Garden as a place for a romantic date and I really wanted to just kick back and have a drink or two and have conversation with the guy and not feel weird lol. I mean, the food is delicious, don't get me wrong...but IDk for a date...no thanks...or maybe not a date with Mike! lol.

Anyway, we went to Olive Garden and it was really nice afterall.  There wasn't one awkward moment at all and he was a great guy. We never stopped talking once. I let Mike know immediately I wasn't looking for love or to be in a relationship and that because I accepted to go on a date with him didn't mean we were gonna keep dating or that their was potential for a relationship. I pretty much made it clear I'd only be his friend.  Mike is a handsome guy, he's tall 6'3 broad shoulders, big guy...body gaurd status lol and he is super nice and sweet. TOOOO nice if you ask me.  And I dont know about you, but I like my men to have a little edge, and know when to put his foot down and call the shots. Mike seems too nice and too much of a push over and I told him so. He mentioned to me that girls play games too much, and I proceeded to tell him he allowed them too because he should know when a girl is giving him the run around and when a girl is genuinely into him. He had to agree. I mean, seriously, if a guy or girl, is dating you and you know and feel they are not into you the way you are into them, then seirously...you gotta let it go and like JayZ said "onto the next one" cuz if you expect their feelings to change, they won't and in the end you are going to get hurt, and that's what I told Mike. "Don't let them bitches play games with you, you're too nice and don't deserve to be played with, but don't play yourself either" and he just smiled and said "thanks."

I'm just very open and honest and Mike is a total sweetheart. Defintely not my type of guy, but he's defintely someone I'd hook up with a nice girl I know would treat him as he deserves to be treated. I know he'll make someone a great boyfriend just not me! lol Anyway, he's a great guy, and I've made a great friend I'm sure...but defintely defintely not my type of guy. 

So why did I go on a date with him if I knew? Well...Mike's been asking me on a date for some time now...maybe close to a year and I always said No. I finally told Mike I'd only go on a date with him if he agreed not to think it meant anything or got the wrong idea (you know how some guys will think you like them just cuz you say yes) and I also told him he couldn't hit on me at all or look at me with googley eyes lol (I'm so full of myself huh) well no I'm not lol But I sure sound like it lol. I'm just very strait to the point and I knew from the Get-Go he just wasn't my type, and he always insisted on taking me out to dinner or a movie so I said fine, i'll get to know the guy right...well I was right! lol He's just TOO darn nice! lol but I've defintely made a great friend! =)

Anyway...I'll be sharing my outfit later on. I forgot to take pictures so I'll throw on my outfit again today and take pictures to post. I did however, get to do a video on my outfit, which I have yet to post. I am so behind but work and school are my priorities right now so whenever I get the chance to post my video's I will do so.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend :) Tell me, have you ever had a dat with a softy? How did you react and how did it go? Let me know your thoughts!

Till the next post, see u soon


Truchamp06 said...

I respect you for keeping it real with him. You knew fromt he start he just wasnt your type. However, you told him you would go on a play date pretty much LOL You know just dinner as friends. Just bc you go on a date..DOES NOT make u in a relationship. But i love me a man. I mean not a soft, a mans man. One that can keep me in my place per say.. I tend to be very dominate in a relationship.. you know us women know right off the back if they guy is a push over.. I cant stand pushovers. But okay-- im done a talking LOL I need to find out what song this is.. it goes something like take me down..no where to go or meet. or something. omg its sooo good!

Mayra said...

Girl, you know it! I'm the same way, I'm more of a dominant girl so I need someone who can be more tough than me and put me in my place lol I can't stand a guy I can walk all over, that's not cool lol might as well be a Lesbian and get a girlfriend know what I mean lmao. the name of the song is called 6 Underground by Sneaker Pimps. One of my favorites. Well...anything that comes on here is pretty much a favorite lol xoxo

Gloria said...

Nice post. It makes me wonder

Lizzy said...

Babe, if your last man was your type and it didn't work out, maybe you need to try something different. But at the same time, it's the ones that are too nice that make you suspicious. Is there any sexual tension when you are around him, or is there no tingly thingy?

Sheryl said...

I love the underdog, I was kinda rooting for him, lol! But you have to understand, I married the softie pushover guy! I never even wanted to date him, not my type, but my friends made me. I knew on our 2nd date he was "the one", and as it turned out when he actually started to get less shy with me, I found out he's not a pushover at all. He's soft enough to compromise, and hard enough to put his foot down when I'm outta control. It's been 18 happy years, so maybe give the nice guy a second chance? Or even a 2nd thought? It might be worth it in the end...you never know!

Grace said...

Thats awesome of u telling him straight up what was up and hopefully he finds a nice girl. My man is like that hes a nice ass guy because in the long run thats the kind of guy I want to marry i ve had relationships with bad boys and they are no good

Mayra said...

@ Lizzy: lol girl you are hilarious! lol my ex was not too much my type, he was SO wrong for me lol He showed me one face when we dated and revealed his true self after moving in! Which was a total 180! And well, that didn't work out lol and there was no tingly thingy lmao which...well kinda makes a big difference! I mean, I'm not all about looks, trust me I'm not, but I do have to be attracted on some level and there was no attraction what so ever! NAda lol zip, zilch, zero..haha

@Sheryl: Thanks for sharing your story with me! That is so awesome how you ended up with the last guy you ever imagined! Only bad thing is Mike can't put his foot down at all. He lets women walk all over him and give him the run around and even when he knows they have no interest and that that their "relationshiop" isn't going anywhere, he still chooses to continue with it and then wonders why women "play games" with him. I tried telling him he was playing himself for even allow it to continue so long knowing it was a dead end. I really do wish him luck in finding a great girl cuz he truly is a great guy and I know will make one girl VERY happy :) I dont think theirs a 2nd date lol He kinda told me to kick rocks lol

@Grace I do hope he finds a nice girl cuz he deserves one. Not that I'm not nice, I'm just not interested in him the way he is in me. Oh no girl, I'm not into the bad boys either lol but I dont like guys that allow girls to take advantage of them know what I mean. I obviously want to marry a nice guy one day but I dont want to be the one with the pants in the relationship (well, at least he can think he does lol). I'm not into the bad boy types, they're no good and they're just that Bad! lol