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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Men of My Life

The Parole Officer-I met him online in January on a mobile communications site. I talk to him day in and day out. It feels as though we're together and yet we're not. We're from the same town, same everything yet we havn't met. To many, it may seem he's hiding something, he's probably married, but he's not. He's just been hurt before and he's very gaurded with his heart. Totally understandable. He's like my prince charming, my knight in shining armor. He seems like he's the whole package yet I have yet to meet him. I've told him to fuck off twice already, I been talking to him for almost 8 months now and nothing, not even a phone conversation. I tell myself I'm a fool for this one, yet something in my heart tells me he's different and that I should see where this goes. So far, no where. But I have gotten to know him, and I like him. I really do. I know we will meet one day, I just hope he doesn't keep me waiting too long.

Fantasy Lover: Literally. I've known him since I was 19. The first time I saw him I said "oh my, who's this, I need to talk to him." I didn't know if he liked me or if I was even someone he might be interested in and to my surprise, later he tells me he had his eyes on me for a whole year before I even noticed him! Crazy ain't it. I met him when I worked in Human Resources. He broke a copier machine we had and he just stood there watch me trying to fix it. He just stared and stared and I was quite the nervous wreck because he wasn't helping he just kinda waited to see if I'd fix the damn machine. Anyway, when I finally fixed it, I let him know he better not break it again lol. Later after he left the office, I was trying to come up with ways on how to approach this guy but was scared because I worked in HR and if I hit on him and he didn't like me or felt I came on too strong or even said I hit on him, my ass would be fired in a heart beat! Anyway, I stared at my computer screen coming up with an email that wasn't obvious I was intrigued, I remember making a ajoke and to my surprise he responded. And we went on from there. After we hooked up and went on a few dates, is when he tells me he's had his eye on me for a whole year. He said to me, we'd cross paths and that I never even noticed he was alive! How sad is that!! I'm crazy about a guy who said had his eyes on me for a whole year and I didn't even notice him!! Anyway...he's been my fantasy lover since...and you will know why in due time.

Afghan Lover - Tall dark and handsome. Educated, career oriented and oriental! I met him right after my breakup with Roger. He's a friend with benefits, a fling and nothing more. He gave me what I wanted and still was a friend with no strong feelings of love or affection I needed to worry about. Well not until a few weeks ago. Tony and I had an agreement when we first met. I told him I wanted nothing serious, I just wanted to enjoy myself and date and have a good time. He said he wanted the same thing. We'd date, go out, watch moveis, have dinner and what not and give each other company and learn and talk about our different backrounds and what not. Lately, he's been talking about how he "loves me" and that threw me off by surprise. He then began to demand I drop plans just to spend time with him and I'm sorry, but I'm not going to drop my plans for you! That wasn't the agreement. The agreement was we got together when our agendas were open and we had time to see each other, not when he wanted or when I felt like it either. I've already dropped friiends in the past for men and it's not worth it, and for him being "just a friend" defintely defintely not worth it. He got mad...and it's been kinda iffy since then. Havn't really heard much from him, but I know he'll come around eventually, but right now I'm still on my high horse and I'm not ready to come off just yet.

Mr. Hitman: Oh my, Mr. Hitman was a hit indeed. Just thinking of him makes me melt lol. I sound like such a whore lol but I'm not so it's all good lol. Anyway, Mr. Hitman is probably the youngest, no wait...IS the youngest guy I've probably EVER dated. He's 25. He looks like he could be my bodygaurd and I've never had someoene make me feel so small! And trust me, theres nothing small about me! lol (well maybe just my toes) lol. Anyway, he has Hazel-green eyes, a smile that will drive you crazy and make you forget all the things you were once ever mad about, eyes that stare deep penetrating your mind and just make you shy away! And his hands...his hands are so big! (I love big hands) and they feel so good around my waist (makes me feel I have a tiny waist) which I dont! but it's the thought that counts lol. He's very tall, 6'3. 1/2 Italian and 1/2 German and he's pretty mellow and down to earth. Super sweet and great kisser! lol. The only downside to Mr. Hitman is that he smokes and I'm not a fan of smokers! So that could be a problem. For now...I'm still getting to know him

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