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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


GOOGLE, all I want is for you to give me access to the channel I own! Please!!!

So as I mentioned in my new channel how I no longer have access to my original Youtube Channel I have tried countless times to reset my password, I have searched through forums of help and nothing happens. My problem can't be resolved.

I got an email saying they can't verify I won the channel and therefore can't give me the information.  What I dont understand is why suddently I'm in my channel one day and the next day I can't log in. I just want my channel back. That's all. Is that so hard?? The help support center for Youtube and google sucks! They give you the run around and you can't even describe your problem and the options they give you suck! They dont help at all.

Now my videos will be on YT forever and I can't even go back and delete the account if I wanted. I have my group on there, all my subscribers and everything. I even got an email this morning for partner! lol Ain't that a bitch! I could defintely use some extra change in my pocket cuz I'm a broke student living paycheck to paycheck and times are tough!! But I can't even do that now :(

Anyway...this sucks.

Here's what google says:

Thank you for your report. We've completed our investigation and cannot

return your account at this time. We were unable to verify that you own
this account based on the information you provided.

If you can provide additional information to verify that you own this
account, please visit
http://www.google.com/support/accounts/bin/request.py?ara=1 and submit
another report. Whether we can return access to this account depends on
the strength and accuracy of your responses, so be sure to provide as much
information as possible. If you're unsure about specific dates or
information, provide your best guess.


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Anonymous said...

your face is all over your channel and then you have a new one with your face all over that do they want you to send them a picture of you holding a sign with your name and everything on it and hopefully whomever hacked you can't get your partnership because that's something you worked hard for and really deserve i really do hope things can only go good from here on