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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Love Life

Monday, September 6th will mark a one year anniversary for which I have been single and independant! I can't beleive it's been a year since I decided to walk away from a relationship in which I found myself miserable and unhappy! I've never in my life been single this long and although at first the thought scared me, today I feel awesome.  I've been single for a year and it feels great. I truly dont feel as though I need a man in my life, although from time to time it's natural I feel lonely. Then I think about all the BS I put up with being in a relationship that I convince myself I RATHER be lonely than put up with someone else's BS lol.

I've had my share of dates since I've been single. I am defintely not looking for anything serious but I'm not shutting myself out of love or will I deny myself the opportunity for something to happen if it feels right. I have been hurt in the past, that's a given. But I'm not going to let my past define my future.  Since I've broken up with Roger, I've had my share of romantic encounters all of which I still stay in touch with today!

Now a lot of people talk about "friends with benefits" and how they can't "sleep around" or they can only be in a "long-term" relationship to be intimate with someone.  I can't say I'm like that. I'm the type of girl that I like to get to know someone before I lay in bed with them. Doesn't quite mean I have to be in a relationship or "serious" with them, I just like to know who I'm getting involved with, and we have to be on the same page at all times. Now this doens't mean I'm sleeping with everyone I meet either! Don't get it twisted and dont get ahead of yourself either and most importantly, don't be so quick to judge.

I'm very open and honest. I'm straight forward and I dont like beating around the bush.  It's much easier speaking the truth than keeping up with lies.  I'm the same way with men.  I'm very straight forward about my interests and what I'm looking for. I'm not going to settle for less, and if the guy I'm dating doesn't have what I'm looking for or we dont click up in a way I like, my friendship is always open to them, and they will know theirs no love potential and we move on from there. Some men like Mike, decide to kick my ass to the curve because they can't have a "friend" they are in-like with so to them, it's easier to keep distance and I totally respect that.
So with that said, I will be introducing new posts that will talk about my "love life" or my "romantic encounters" or dates I go on. I will also speak on my previous relationships and experiences those relationships have given me. 

For now, I will tell you I've been talking to this guy, we'll call him "the parole officer." I've been talking to him since January and I have yet to meet him. I'll give you the details about him in a separate post. I just recently met another guy, his name is Colby and he looks like a younger version of "The Hitman." Oh my, he is sexy lol. And...then theres Jorge...oh em gee. This guy...just takes my breath away...and I've had this crazy infatuation with him since I was 18...now that's a story all on it's own. And finally theirs Tony, whom we'll call my "Afghan Lover."  I met Tony in October of last year and you can say he's my "good friend"...yea you know, the type with benefits...although, I did have to tell him to kick rocks earlier this month because he was getting to demanding for being just a friend! So we'll see how that works out, anyway, defintley not looking for anything serious there, he's just a fun guy to hang out with if you know what I mean.

And if you've read this far, I invite you to check out another blog I created abot 2 years ago.  It was private for a long time and I decided I need to do more creative writing so if you are interested, check it out. The links are througout the blog, if you're interested I'm sure you will find them all on your own :)


FashionLuva87 said...

Great post i feel the same way its better to be alone than unhappy

Lisa(IE BITCH) said...

Damn Mayra talk about BIG PIMPIN LOL!Well all I can say its nice to see a girl set the rules for once and know what she wants without the lies!Well girl keep doing ur thing ur very smart and its great that your exploring your world!! PIMPIN ALL OVER THE WORLD!!J/k LMAO