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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shoe Sale!!

Ok, so I was doing some super duper early spring cleaning and need to get rid of some shoes that I just don't use anymore!

I took a lot of pictures because I wanted to make sure you are aware of the flaws each shoe has so I dont have any drama later that you didn't know they were defected! I try and care for my shoes as much as possible but Liz got her feet on some of these and when that girl is drunk she just tears shoes up! Anyway, most of these I'm getting rid of because the heel is no longer appealing to me. I am used to wearing high pumps and three inch plus heels that I feel like these are flats! I know, weird!! Anywho...Most shoes are new, semi new or mint condition!

Email me if you are interested!! I've listed a price, but if you have a better offer, then talk to me! I mean, I'm pretty damn cheap and I'm not asking a fortune lol It's like a virtual yard sale! lol

First Up: Joey Platform Peep Toe Sling Back Heels. Never worn!! I ended up picking up a size too big and they kinda flap off my feet. These are an 8 1/2. I'm asking for $15 bucks

Next Up: Delicous Pointy Toe 2" Heels - Mint Condition Size 8

These shoes have a few slight scratches on the back of the heel but aren't very noticeable. These are perfect for ladies who are beginning to wear heels. The heel is low and not as tiresome. I'm selling these for $10 bucks

Next Up: Maryjane Clogs - Mint Condition Size 8 

These are practically new! I only used them two or three times and have saved them ever since. Clogs are coming back into style but they've never been my favorite. These are in perfect condition if it wasn't for my forcing them out of a shoe trunk and scratching the surface off of a button on the left shoe. I'm asking for $10.00 
Also these are a size 8 but fit me a bit snug so maybe someone who wears 7 1/2 / 8 will suit you well. Just an FYI. Or you can always break them in with socks! lol

 Nine West Gladiator Heel Sandals - Mint Condition

These too, were only worn once! And boy did I get drunk in them! I ended up scratching the heel a bit, but again very unnoticable when wearing them. The "Nine West" name came off on the right shoe, but who's gonna see that when they're on? These came in a size 9, but I'm a size 8 and they fit me perfectly fine.  Im asking $15 for these

Lastly, Classified Peep Toe Heels - Fair Condition

These have been used most than the rest but they are still in good condition. I'm only asking $5 bucks! Pretty dirt cheap if you ask me! lol They are a size 8 and have a very low heel. Easy to walk in and very comfortable for ladies not used to wearing platform heels or heels higher than 3".  These have a few marks and scratches, mostly on the end of the shoe and on the heel but can still go a long way.

That's all I ahve for now, but stay tuned for more sales. I have a "dress" sale coming up and some makeup as well! Please email me at mayra_831@live.com if you are interested or message me on FB.

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