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Monday, January 17, 2011

Overseas Haul

I've been browsing Yours Clothing for quite some time now and I finally decided to make a purchase after reading a lot of positive reviews on their site.  Their sizing is different from the US so I was glad I knew what my measurements were before placing my order. I didn't want to order too much for that same reason so I only ordered two items.  I was online at Torrid going through their clerance sale and I was about to make a purchase when I decided to browse for other stuff online.  I now feel kind of guilty because I could have purchased five or six items from Torrid for the price I paid for the two from Yours.  Either way, I felt I needed to get it over with and place an order just so I know for myself how they work. 

Within about a minute of placing my order online, I get a call from Chase Fraud Prevention services. They wanted to verify I had placed an order from overseas. I thought that was pretty awesome!

Anyway...I hope this whole purchase was worth it! Depending on how my experience goes will determine if I"ll buy from Yours again since shipping is what bumped up my total cost.

Here are the two items I purchased...I really really hope they fit because I can't wait to rock these two items!

Black Puff Sleeve Velvet Tunic

Black Beaded Neckline Jumpsuit


Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

Love those 2 piece girl Ill tell you I order from over seas from ASOS and even though shipping was free man its going on 3 weeks and no order =X

ThicknGorgeouz said...

Are you kidding me! 3 weeks?? I hope you get your goodies soon! How was Asos for you? I havn't checked them out, I've heard so much i'll have to see :)

CHarmonee said...

Im so in love with the items you ordered....

I've ordered from ASOS but it's only been a week and a half for me.

kalipzo10 said...

loving the shirt! post pics when you get them :)

ThicknGorgeouz said...

Thanks ladies! I will defintely keep you posted and share pics when I get them in the mail :) I also have to check out Asos...been hearing a lot about them! :)