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Monday, January 24, 2011

Wishlist-Hips & Curves

I promise to buy myself one of these items this year! If I'm lucky I'll have two by the end of the year.  I am a fan of lingerie, bustiers and corsets. I love wearing them for myself. I feel so damn sexy and empowering. Funny thing is I dont like wearing them in front of the fellas. When my ex and I lived together he'd ask me to wear them for him and I never would. Instead I'd take pictures in them and send them to him as a way to keep things enticing.

Today, I feel a lot more comfortable with my sexuality, my body, and my comfort zone has broadened. I've stepped out the box a lot more this past year and will continue to do so.

I also want to buy some of these corsets because I have a photoshoot I want to do around them and so many creative ideas. Like I said, one of the main reasons I love lingerie is because of the feeling of empowerment I get from wearing it. It feels amazing to be in control of my own body, my own sexuality, being a woman never felt so good <3.

Anyway...off my tangent...here are the corsets I have been eyeballing for the past year and a half with some new styles added. I must get my hands on one of these before the end of the year!
Valentina Steel Boned Underbust

Marquessa Steel Boned Silk Corset

Seraphina Steel Boned Silk Corset
Daisy Embroidered Basque
Baronessa Steel Boned Silk Corset

Bellatrix Steel Boned Leather Corset
 One of my favorites is the Seraphina Corset. This can be used as a sexy top for a night out--At least I know I'd wear it! The Bellatrix is another favorite. It's for all the naughty girls out there, and even if you ain't naughty, this corset screams Naughty and very Mis Behaved :). I beleive everyone has a little naughty side screaming to get out, wewather you are timid, or afraid to let it out, I know it's in there somewhere and with one of these on it's surly to come out.

I hesitate so much because they are so pricy! I've found the most affordable corsets at Hips & Curves. I have so many ideas wrapped around these corsets it drives me crazy! I have made my mind up and will defintely get my hands on one of these babies soon and when I do, I will do a creative photoshoot wearing them and it will be hot! (and tasteful).


Bryceena said...

I love corsets too but the nice ones are so expensive, I hope to invest in one someday! :)

ThicknGorgeouz said...

Yes, they are very expensive but they are a very good investment :) They are very heavy duty and durable and can be used in so many ways :)

LovelyKorita said...

I have always liked them but never actually worn one lol. I feel fat either way. But that first one omg that's hot! lol

Miss Kristiansen said...

It's so lovely to see women with real figures. Would love to have a corset!


elyane said...

I have 3 corsets from fredericks but I do not know how to smooth out the back when the front is tightend. I actually love corsets i just wish i knew how to rock them! You would look so pretty in a corset!

Sexy Lingerie said...

These models looks sexy and gorgeous in those corsets. I'd like to have one of it.

wholesale clothing said...

In picking the right corset, the patterns should have a cut that makes sure the curves of a woman's body are fully emphasized. You also need to identify the silhouette that will be the most flattering to your shape and size.