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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What's In My Purse-You'd Be Surprised

I really have no business overflowing my purse like this! But at least I use my purse to it's full capacity! I dont always carry the same stuff in it either it all changes day to day.

One of my viewers on YouTube suggested I do a "What's in Your Purse" video, so I figured I'd jumpstart and do a blog post as well.

I carry my journal so I can write randomly about feelings, ideas, or just anything that comes to mind. I also use it to add clippings from magazines, news papers, or places I plan to visit during the year so it's convenient for me to carry with with me at all times.
I carry An Old Friend From Far Away because it gives me ideas on what to write about and helps refresh my memory and bring back old memoriess. I havn't been posting my entries on Blogger, but I'm using this book to write a memoir and keep all entries saved on my laptop.
The Daily Writer too, gives me ideas on what to write. These entries will be seen on Blogger as well.  I like skimming the pages to gather more ideas and become inspired.
I'm taking an English 1-B online class for the intersession before Spring and we have TONS and TONS of work to do each week. I keep my planner handy to keep track of my assignments, things to do, and important events.
& Of course, being that I enjoy writing so much, The Pocket Wadsworth handbook comes in handy for a lot of reasons! Gramma, punctuation, styling, MLA formats...the list goes on.
I have these gloves I got for X-mas from Lizo. I like these because the fingers are uncovered making it easy to grasp things when I need to and can simply undo the mitten end and cover my fingers when need be.
I carry these two items which I too got for Xmas from Audrey. The lotion is great to keep my hands moisturized and the body spray is great too when I want to feel a little refreshed. (I now left these in my desk at work).
Don't ask me why I have two different polishes in my purse! I originally had the OPI nail polish in my purse incase I had any chipped nails I could easily touch them up. This week I decided to color them with China Glaze and therefore ended up with two different colors. These are now back home where they belong.
My makeup bag of course!
Hand sanitizer I got from Crystal in a giveaway I won! Smells great and keeps my hands nice and clean!
MI Paste I use when I add my invisalign trays! Helps fight cavities! And my Crest Weekly Clean paste I now transferred over to my desk along with my other toothbrush and paste to wash teeth after eating.
FLOSS! I hate getting things stuck inbetween my teeth so Floss is a MUST-Have!
A bookmark with no Book! This was at the bottom of my purse! No wonder I coulnd't find it!! Cute isn't it :)
Cash! I'm surprised to find cash at the bottom of my purse as I never carry cash on me. It's always plastic. I need to make a habit of carrying cash with me more often.
I got this top coat from Grace in a goodiebag she gave me. I have to say I love this stuff!! It's by Jafra and I love how it works. I think this is one of the best top coats I've tried.  Again, I had this in my purse so I can easily touch up nails when need be. This too, is back on the shelf where it belongs :)
Bunch of cards! I was cleaning out my wallet which I got tired of using and needed to run out so I just threw any cards into my purse and here's what they are.
I drafted this on Monday and that's what I had at the time. Today, it's not as packed and has different things in it! I love my purse though!! It's one of my favorites in a long time.

What do you carry in your purse?


LovelyKorita said...

haha your bag is just as packed as mine if not more haha but that's only because I have a smaller purse right now LOL

Daniel Bryan said...

I also have those Crest White Strips Chewables as well as the Tooth Paste. They are very effective against cavities. My dentist explained it to me.

John Davis said...

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denture repair said...

We're on the same page, Daniel. I never leave the house without those chewables, because I really care a lot about my dental hygiene.

Audrianna Andrew said...

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I always have my dental floss in my bag as well. This helps me fight tooth decay and dental caries.

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I've got a lot of stuffs inside my bag as well and I don't forget to take with me my toothbrush and toothpaste. I can't live without them. I can leave my cellphone but not my dental stuffs.

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