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Monday, January 3, 2011

Small Ross Haul

I spent the weekend at my brothers house in LA and while there my brother decided he wanted to go to Ross and do a little shopping.  Since I didn't want to stay home alone I decided to tag along. How convenient huh? lol. 

One of my resolutions for the year is to shop less. I'm tyring to make use of what I have in my closet and I ask myself twince before purchasing any items. I'm trying mostly to stray away from buying so much clothes. However,  the hardest thing I find myself saying no to are shoes! I couldn't resist when I came across some Fergie heels for only $13.00! Anyway, here are the few things I picked up at Ross. 

I bought this journal to do some scrap-booking and writing. Since writing is another to-do on my resolutions for the year, I bought a new journal that I plan on carrying with me at all times to write about anything that comes to mind and even use for scrap-booking with clippings from magazines, newspapers, or pictures even.  The goal is to fill the book before the end of the year!

The journal is very heavy duty and feels really soft to the touch. I also liked the pink and black stitching and lettering and the gold on the pages. The only thing I would have preferred was if it was college ruled as opposed to wide ruled but you can't go wrong for only six bucks. 

I ran out of my regular shampoo (Suave Professionals) and wanted to try something new since I've been using the same stuff for quite some time now and figured I can also do a review afterwards. Since I have curly hair, I decided to try Curly Sexy Hair by Sexy Hair Products. I purchased the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner at Ross for 1/2 the price I'd normally pay at salon prices. Each bottle cost me $9.99 for 33 fl. oz. This should last a while. 

I found this light weight sweater cardigan sweater dress. I'll probably wear this alone with some leggings or shorts underneath during the spring/summer. 

I finally got my hands on this baby! I found this coat at my local Ross not too long ago and unfortunately for me at the time they didn't carry my size.  I blogged about it  and said I'd get my hands on it eventually and when I saw it I couldn't resist! I think I dropped 3 other items just to take this one home! I'm glad I found it. 

And finally, those Fergie heels I mentioned earlier. I now have some hot purple shoes to dress up my Laker Jersey with! 

They almost  appear to have a fuchsia tone to it, but it's my camera that alters the color. They're purple with a hint of pink I suppose. Either way, I love em and think they're hot and I can't wait to wear them! I have so many shoes now its ridiculous but like they say, we can never have too many shoes! I do however, have a few shoes I will be getting rid of. I owe my FB friends and subscribers an overdue sale of items in my closet! Stay tuned!

I'll close it here because tomorrow is my first day back to work after an awesome 2 weeks off work and I'll be starting work at 6am! I already know I will not want to wake up and must make a habit of sleeping earlier and prepping outfits and lunch the night before! Hope everyone has an amazing week!



Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

That Jacket is a beauty defiantly a awesome piece to have in your closet that will last through the years =] love the things you got making me want to take a trip to Ross even though Lord knows I dont need nothing hahah

CHarmonee said...

Everything you purchased is so cute!....I think you and I are having the same problem....Now that I've decided to stop or cut back rather on buying clothes, I've come to "collect" many pairs of shoes...lol....

BTW...I really want that journal...I have been looking for one just like it.