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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Baby Bib

This was actually the first thing I made for my baby after I dusted off the sewing machine. I got the idea from Crafty Gemini.  I love her tutorials and videos, she inspires me to be more crafty too.  I got inspired by her to do this bib when I watched her video on making a baby bib.  I followed all her directions with the exceptioin of her pattern, I used my own by folding a bib I currently had in half.

 At first it was a little rugged and I wasn't happy with the way it looked.  I had intended it to be a double sided bib but was not happy with my results.  I hadn't used my sewing machine in such a long time that my stitches were unbalanced and the whole thing looked crazy.  I left alone for a few weeks. This is what it looked like then.

A few weeks later after stopping by Wal*Mart and picking up this roll of ribbon for only  $1 I decided to attach it to the hem of my baby bib to give it more of a complete look.  I'm happier with the results today than I was when I first "finished it".  Because some of my stitches were so off balance, I decided this would only have one face and not two sided as originally planned and avoid having to show the ugly side with the unbalanced stithces.

I made my own pattern for this bib by tracing a bib I had originally purchased.  I simply folded the bib in half length wise and traced the shape onto a manilla folder which I then cutt out and traced that shape onto my fabric on the fold.  After tracing the bib onto my fabric choice, I cut the shape out and with wrong sides facing me, I began to stitch all around.  I left a small opening to flip the whole thing inside out and then stitched the opening closed.

Not bad for my first bib I would say :)  I'm waiting on some snaps to use on this bib for the closure on the ends, other than that I can say this Bib is all done :)

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