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Monday, April 30, 2012

Sunday @ the Flea Market

I swear this dress makes me look super preggo and somewhat unflattering but whatevs :) It was a really hot day and we went to the flea market for a good walk and to much on fruit at the farmers market.  I swear the Farmers Market at the flea market has the best tasting oragnes I've ever had. I can eat 3-4 in one sitting and then some! 

 Mom was looking for an Apron but when they told her this blue one there above cost $15 bucks, she was like "a la chingada, mejor compro tela y los hago yo!" haha in other words..."psh, hell no I rather make my own!" and we did just that. We bought 2 yards of fabric for $3 bucks and have plenty for 2 aprons! How you like them apples! lol.

 Since I got pregnant, I dont crave ice cream the way I did before I was preggo.  I was eating ice cream left and right every other day and sometimes twice a day.  It's rare I eat ice cream nowadays but I saw this man eating this hug ass cone of ice cream and got the sudden urge to have one myself.  While waiting in line I couldn't decide wheather I wanted vanilla or strawberry, so I opted for a scoop of each! lol It was delish!
 And I wouldn't be me, had I not shared with my mommy of course! She only wanted a taste and my niece was eyeballing my ice cream but she said "no thanks" so I'm like "Psh, More for me!" But in reality, I ended up eating only the vanilla scoop and mom had the strawberry one since I couldn't finish it, I bet if I wasn't preggo I would've gobbled that sucker up in a heartbeat! lol

My lovely nice Maritza

Madre Querida

And here is my lovely mother Eva! I love her so much!! She looks quite mad and seriuos here but she's not either. She's the best thing that happened to me, or should I say I'm the best thing that happened to her? lol J/k <3 My baby is named after her, Eva :) 

I was beat by the end of the day and as soon as we got home I instantly crashed out in bed for a few hours, the day was hot and it wore me out completely.  My family was laughing at me on the way back home because I was falling asleep and apprently my head was bobbing and that was quite funny for them lol. I can't admit I havn't laughed myself when this happens to someone I know. It's funny to see them try to act like nothing happened trying to hold yoru head still while you fall asleep when all of a suddent he weight of yoru head beats you lol.

Anyway, till next time!

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Merrybelly said...

Congratulations!! I love flea markets they have really cute and inexpensive accesorries.