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Monday, April 30, 2012

Simplicity New Look Baby Dress Pattern E6793

I wanted to share my first baby dress using an industrial pattern.  I used Simplicity's New Look Pattern for Baby's in E6793 in sizes Newborn through Large.  I made a size small dress .  I was afraid that the pattern for a newborn would be too small since I don't know just how big my baby will be and I would rather wait for my baby to fit into the dress than not fit at all. 
I chose a white eyelet fabric for the main dress and happened to have pink polka dot fabric to use as the lower panel and the applique's on the dress so it ended up matching the picture on the front pattern packaging.  I can easily make other dresses with the same pattern and different fabric to give it a different look, and even create the other styles as well.  The possibilities are endless.

Prepping pattern pieces for cutting

Zig Zag stitch on applique's
Being a beginner at sewing using industrial patterns I must admit it got quite confusing at times.  Some of the directions didn't make sense at all and on more than one occassion I ended up sewing things wrong.  Lucky for me, sewing is similiar to painting...you can always cover up your mistakes with new paint OR in the case of sewing...grab a seam ripper and pick up where you last messed up.  I ended up ripping things apart just to start over again plenty of times but from each mistake came a new lesson and a new experience.  Through my mistakes I've learned to read the pattern differently or should I say correctly.  Someone didn't just come up with the expression "practice makes perfect" for no reason! It's really true.

We were at Walmart on Friday and while I was looking for a few items, Vic and my niece came across these baby shoes. 
Baby Shoes to Match :)

A perfect match for the dress I was currently working on :) I just hope they both fit at the same time hehe.

Mom tied the bows - she's the expert!
You should have seen the way it looked before my mom tied bows at the shoulders. They were one sloppy mess! She used to work at a fancy chocolate factory that decorated their chocolate baggies with bows so you know she had to check my ass and teach me a lesson about "presentation" and how to properly tie a bow on a baby girls dress! lol Thank Mom :) Baby Eva will love you that much more for it!

Now that I got one design out of the way, I'm working on my next project. Views C & D, the baby pants and top.  So far I've got the fabric cut out for the baby pants.  I started sewing the seams last night but already came across my first mistake.  The baby pants only have like 5 steps to make and I'm already stuck at one! Oh well, nothing a nice lil seam ripper can't fix!  Because I already made the baby dress, I'm assuming the top will be pie to make but who knows! We'll see how well that goes.
Working on next project: View D: Baby Pants!
 Baby dress took me about 2 days to make, and so far I've put in about an hour's work on the pants...let's see just how long it takes me to figure these babies out.  I'm making the baby pants a sea green and the top will be white with brown and turquoise and sea green as well to match. Can't wait to show you guys the results!
Pinned pattern pieces to fabric
See you soon!


MakeUpbyLaura1 said...

You have great talent!! Lovely stuff...I luv the chonnies too!
Your baby will be stylin every day!

ThicknGorgeouz Mayra said...

Thanks Laura :) My BF says I'm extremely talented all around except for the kitchen lol