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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Crafts for Baby

Just wanted to share a few more crafts I've done for Eva.  I've made her a few flowers from Tulle, and a baby bib from 2 different Fat Quarter prints I picked up at Walmart. I made the bib for less than $1.00 considering each Fat Quarter is .99 cents and I still have fabric left over.  I did the back of the bib from an old T-Shirt Vic didn't use anymore to give it more fullness.  I have 2 other bibs I've done for her but need to post pics of. I'm not quite done with the Tulle flowers, I am going to further embellish the centers by adding a jewel, rhinestone, or some other fun embellishment.  I've also made her some bows...this is just one of the many I've made so far.  And I'm currently working on a baby dress for her first month out of the womb! Once I have that complete, I'll post a pic :)

This is a picture of me last week on 4/9. I'm 26 weeks here and my stomach literally grew overnight!
She is literally just popped out and is making her precence well known in this world

Here is a baby bib I completed last week. I'm so proud of this one as its completely finished and the seams are nicely done. I embellished this bib with a bow and some ribbon for a pop of color. 

I made her these bows a few weeks ago and need to update this picture as I've now embellished the centers with pink organza roses I made.  The finished ones look a lot nicer.

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