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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

30 Random Facts

I was tagged on Facebook and decided to post here as well.

1.I have this thing for nerds and weirdo's lol

2.I am obsessed with older men (good looking older men that is, dont get it twisted lol)

3.The first thing I did when I got home was kick off my shoes, undo jeans and remove them before I got to the restroom and I'd lounge around in undies and tank all day.I can't do that anymore :( lol

4.I'm always late. For Everything.

5.I've never been in love. Love in my mind, is nothing near what I've experienced. I can't wait to fall in real love.

6.I'm easily infatuated and lose interest rather quickly.

7.Sometimes I'll burp super loud and just say "oopsie" lol

8.Sometimes when I'm tipsy at the club, I just like to kiss hot guys! lol Dont judge me! Idk what it is about the environment, the music, dancing close to each other, ugh just kiss already damnit! lol Not like I'll remember him the net day anyway lol

9.I can do the splits and a natural backbend, too bad I can't do the whole backbend and kick over, that would be cool lol but too much weight down there, and I dont have the upper strength

10.When I was 16, my instructor hit on me. I went on a date with him after I turned 18. He was 33. He was HOT. lol.

11.I know how to cook some bomb ass food, I just dont like to lol

12.When I was in the 4th grade I did a presentation on Whales, I wanted to be an oceanographer. Today, I'd love to join the Steve Irwin on an expedition to Antartica to help save whales and Stop the Yushin Maru and it's fleet.

13.I empathise so easily and unnoticeably that I'll be watching televisioin and suddenly an uncontrollable rush comes over me and I just breakdown in tears, it goes away as soon as I change the channel. Ain't that some shit!

14.I'm scared of babies and kids. I get nervous around them. Maybe because theres not so many kids in my family now, other than then ewest nephews and niece but kids get me nervous when they can't speak, specially when they just stare at you! I feel like I'm looking at the devil! lol J/k ok that was a litttle harsh but some kids can be some evil lil fuckers lol

15.I can't stand women that talk back to their mothers, can't control their children, and allow their kids to talk back to them, cause and throw tantrums in the stores, yelling like they're on fire or dying!

16.I despise girls that have kids all young, talking about how their kid is their life yet they be hoeing around and having their parents watch their kids while they're fuckn around catching STD's and getting PREGO again

17.I roll my eyes at young ass bitches that talk about "they grown ass women" when these dumb ass little 18 y/o girls can't even wipe their ass or do their own laundry properly and talk like they know how life is! bitch please, NO. You have NO idea, wait till ur 24 and see another 18 y/o talk like you do, you'll see how lame you looked.

18.I'm a feminist. Can't stand women who swear their world is over because a guy left them. Bitch move on, theres plenty of fish in the sea, test the waters. Can't stand women that allow men to walk all over them, treat them like dirt and like they're worthless. You are not worthless, you are not trash, he's the scum on the bottom of my shoes for even disrespecting you like that, but you...you, ain't so far from him for even allowing him to treat you that way.

19.The best lessonsI ever had were given to me by my mother. When I was 11, together we packed her old man's shit and left it at the front door. He asked her to allow him to put hands on us to "discipline" us and she's like "kick rocks mofucka" no one lays a hand on my kids but me. I'll never forget that day.

20.When I was 9, I witnessed a man put a knife to the neck of a woman, threatening her, me and and his kids to stay back. I remember not being scared, but just knowing I'd never allow a man to do that to me, and I'd never allow myself to get in a situation like that. And that's when I began despising men who treated women wrongly, and the woman who let them get away with it.

21.That same man, tried molesting me in a pool. Bastard couldn't get away with it, because i followed my instincts and got away each time he got near me till I decided maybe swimming was not such a good idea.

22.The older I get, the more comfortable I become with my body and my sexuality, and the more I look forward to getting older and where my life will be at 35 and how HOT i'm gonna look, probably better, actually, WAY better than today.

23.I dont know if I want to have kids. I think about it and the thought doesnt last too long when I'm already wondering about other things. Dont know if I have that motherly instinct or not, but everyone seems to tell me I'll know when I'm ready and that's when I'll get Prego. Not that I want to get Prego now, hell no, I'll DIE! lol

24.I despise poeple that are extremely judgemental, close minded, and just like to snoop, gossip, and talk shit because their life is so miserable they have nothing else to do.

25. a million identical headshots-NUISANCE (no pun intended as some well a lot of you do this lol)

26.I tend to correct people when they mispell or mispronounce a word, lyrics, or English in general. Some poeple get mad, but the way I see it is I'm hleping you out in preventing you from making a fool of yourself in the future. I'm no expert, but if I know you're saying or spelling it wrong, then I'm gonna let you know.

27.WrItInG LiKe ThIs iS sOooOoOOooO FuCkN AnNoYInG and LaMe! (in my opnion obviously)

28.Meddled by consanguinities at the peak of innocense

29.I've had my luck with cops. @14 I almost ran over a cop and was let go, at 16 I was pulled over under the influence with no license or registration OR insurance and was let go, but at 18 I was actually violated by a dirty cop and been pulled over for speeding and let go. (knocks on wood).

30.I have big dreams and aspirations. The sky is the limit. I want to be a writer/journalist and have my work recognized amongst the best and make people proud of themselves and of me.


LovelyKorita said...

i agree or do the same for 16,17,18,24,26 lol\\very cool tag! What happened to your 30 days of me??

lc88chavez said...

awesome post! P.S. you always have good music playing on your blog :)

Weesha said...

Hi Mayra! Thanks for following me :)

Y'know why I love posts like these? because you find out how much in common you have with other people!

P.S Little kids scare me/ make me uncomfortable too haha