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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Movie Night - Unstoppable

Friday, November 19th, Liz and I went to the movies to watch Unstoppable feat. Denzel Washington and some other hottie I can't remember the name of. Great movie, lot's of suspense and drama. This is the outfit I wore.

 Purple Scoop Neck Top (Actually a Dress) - JCP
Faux Snake Skin Leggings - Torrid
Mid Calf Boots - Ross
Black Cardigan - Ross
Black Sequins Hat & Purple Scarf - Ross

The leggins are very thin, therefore I had to wear some black shorts underneath, almost like a spanx. They offer my legs more support and prevent cellulite and my thunder thighs from coming through the thin leggings. The purple top I wore is actually a dress I picked up at JCP on Clearance a few months ago. I simply shurgged it up a bit and used it as a top. Dont know if I'd use it any other way as it would be too skimpy and my behind would probably be hanging out for the world to see. Completed the outfit with a scarf and hat as it was a rainy cool night and this helped keep me nice and warm.

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