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Monday, December 13, 2010

Becoming a Parent

I'm adopting my niece and nephew in 2011. After years and years of trying to convince my brother into allowing me to become guardian to his kids so they can continue their education in the US he finally gave in.

My 2nd to oldest brother Juan moved to Ensenada a few years ago with his family including my nephew Jr. and niece Maritza who are both US Citizens. As much as I love Mexico, I know their education systems are nothing compared to the US. Together my mother and I tried convincing my brother and his wife to allow us to take care of them so they can continue their education here. They constantly refused.

I never gave up.

I got really upset one night and told my brother he should stop being selfish. I told him he should think about his kids and their future and how living with me and their gramma would be beneficial to his children and even him as a parent.  Life in Mexico is not easy. My brother has always been businessman and even though he has 3 business', he still found himself trying to make ends meet.  I finally convinced him that allowing me to take on his kids would help him in releiving some financial burdens. Bringing my niece and nephew to live with me would save him from school fee's, uniforms, books, and many other expenses that US education systems don't require. His wife and he finally realized maybe this wouldn't be such a bad idea. 

I'm quite nervous.  Even though my mother lives with me now, this is my baby. I wanted this. I asked for this. I will be responsible for them.  I know my mother will help me care for them and even discipline them but this is my responsibility. I didn't bring them here so she can take care of them. I will be their legal guardian and I will have to be responsible for their behavior, their grades, their education, and their behavior.

I've always had a great relationship with the two and have always been very strict with them even though I was their tia. My niece is going to be 15 in 2011 and she's the light in my eyes. I have seen her grow and it's so scary to see her so big and becoming a young lady.  She's still a baby to me, and looking back I remember being her age and thinking I was so big and grown. I find myself questioning what happened and how did she grow so fast. I'm so scared for her. I want to protect her and guide her and continue having the beautiful relationship we have. I want her to get good grades and be in sports and I want her to be successfull.

My little nephew Jr is a little devil but I love him. He's such a trouble maker but a good kid none the less. He's a little mexican Denise the Menace and it's so cute, I'm sure he's gonna give me gray hairs to the max!

2011 is defintely going to be something else for me and I can't wait. I'm really looking forward to this new change and responsibility. I want to make my brother proud and I want to open up more opportunities for these kids.

I can't wait to share more about the journey I'm about to begin.

Wish me luck!


lalaG said...

OMG! I am sooo happy for you! This is the best thing you can do for a child is to want to help them better themselves and have them have a better life. I am sitting here about to cry just reading that.
My Uncle and his wife adopted my cousins from another family member and it was the best thing they not only could have done for them but for everyone else. They just turned 18 (we got them at age 3)and both are going off to college. If we would have left them where they were, lord only knows what would have happened to them.
Im gonna go cry now... i want to adopt so badly and give a child a better life.
ur the best.

Thicker Than Your Average Girl said...

WoW that is one big responsibility for you i wish you well on that one but I totally no how you feel you see my son is at a age were he was starting to get out of hand and well i had to send him with his dad that lives in another state because the school district over there are not as bad as over here in L.A. I miss him dearly its really hard on me but he has done so well there as too when he was in L.A. he was getting suspended all the time and in fights having a police officer bring your son home is not very pleasant i knew I had to do something and keeping him her in la was not. Mayra how awesome is this ! I cant wait to here more it will be a journey alright but a very rewarding one. And P.S thanks for letting me vent some times i feel like a bad mom for sending him away =[ but i know it is in his best interest

Forever Glam- Makeup said...

Omg they will be in good hands that for sure mamaz!!!! god will bless you all the way and your mommy too!!

LovelyKorita said...

Wow that's a HUGE responsiblity. I hope it all works out for you. My mom took on the responsibility of her brother's daughter and OMG did that go sour...

kalipzo10 said...

What an unselfish thing to do! Good for you and yeah I can imagine how hard it must be in Mexico. Most of my family lives there but some of them have decided to be in Texas. And it is always a better decision in the end.

Truchamp06 said...

Mayra, I applaud you in this journey you are about to take. It will be tough, but your tougher than nails, and I know you will conquer! Im rootingfor ya sis!